Student Loan Forgiveness Do You Qualify

Student Loan Forgiveness Do You Qualify

Student Loan Forgiveness - Do you​ Qualify?
Did you​ know that there are numerous programs available that will actually pay off all or​ part of​ your college loans? Student loan forgiveness isn't a​ myth .​
Many of​ these programs aren't widely advertised and most people who are eligible don't even realize that they qualify to​ have thousands of​ dollars wiped off the​ balance of​ their educational loans .​

Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers
The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program will repay up to​ $17,​500 toward college loans for qualified teachers .​
Full time teachers with an​ outstanding FFEL or​ Direct loan balance on​ or​ after October 1998 qualify for $5,​000 worth of​ college loan repayment after 5 consecutive years of​ service .​

Student loan forgiveness at​ the​ increased amount of​ $17,​500 is​ available to​ qualified borrowers who teach full time in​ the​ field of​ mathematics or​ science at​ an​ eligible secondary school or​ who provide special education to​ students with disabilities.
To learn more or​ to​ apply for this student loan forgiveness program for teachers,​ visit:
Student Loan Forgiveness for Non-Profit Child or​ Family Services Agency Employees
In an​ effort to​ attract and retain more highly trained early childcare professionals,​ the​ federal government has developed programs to​ forgive up to​ 100% of​ the​ college loan balance for individuals at​ eligible centers .​

To qualify for this student loan forgiveness program,​ borrowers must hold a​ degree in​ early childhood education and work full-time for 2 years at​ a​ qualified facility where at​ least 70% of​ the​ children receiving care come from families that earn less than 85% of​ the​ state median household income.
To learn more,​ call the​ Child Care Provider Loan Forgiveness support desk at​ 1-888-562-7002 or​ visit
Student Loan Forgiveness for Law Enforcement Officials
Protect and serve the​ community and the​ government will do the​ same for your budget by repaying your college loans for you​ .​
Full time law enforcement or​ correction officers are eligible to​ have their loans paid off by the​ government at​ a​ rate of​ 15%per year for the​ first 2 years of​ service,​ 20% for the​ 3rd and 4th year,​ and 30% for their fifth year.
Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses and Medical Technicians
Several generous student loan forgiveness programs are available for physicians and RN's who practice in​ areas that lack adequate medical care .​

The National Heath Services Corps will repay up to​ $35,​000 per year of​ service for qualified individuals .​
to​ learn more and download application forms,​ visit
The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) repays up to​ 60% of​ your college loan balance for those who serve at​ least 2 years in​ critical shortage facilities .​
To learn details about eligibility and to​ download application forms,​ visit
Student Loan Forgiveness for Armed Forces
The government shows their appreciation of​ those who serve and protect with a​ variety of​ student loan forgiveness programs for the​ military .​
the​ Armed Forces Forgiveness Program pays off up to​ $2,​500 in​ college loan debt to​ borrowers who served between September 11th 2001 and June 30,​ 2018.
The National Guard offers its own student loan forgiveness program,​ paying off up to​ $10,​000 worth of​ college loan debt for each qualified person .​
For more information call 1-800-GO-GUARD.
Student Loan Forgiveness for Volunteer Work
Serving in​ the​ Peace Corps,​ Americorps,​ or​ Volunteers in​ Service to​ America (VISTA) all qualify you​ for college loan forgiveness programs in​ various amounts .​

Peace Corps: Time spent volunteering for the​ Peace Corps pays in​ more ways than good feelings .​
Volunteers receive 15% of​ their Stafford,​ Perkins,​ and Consolidation loans paid for each year of​ service up to​ 70% of​ the​ college loan amount .​
to​ learn more about this student loan forgiveness opportunity call 1-800-424-8580.
Americorps,​ the​ domestic arm of​ the​ Peace Corps,​ awards volunteers $4,​725 to​ apply toward their outstanding college loans after one year of​ service .​
to​ learn more call 1-800-942-2677.
VISTA (Volunteers in​ Service to​ America): Volunteer 1700 hours for one of​ the​ many organizations across the​ country focused on​ eradicating hunger,​ homelessness,​ poverty,​ and illiteracy and have up to​ $4725 wiped off your college balance .​
to​ learn more call 1-800-942-2677.
Student Loan Forgiveness for Head Start Staff
Those who volunteer for their state’s Head Start program not only help children from low income families prepare for kindergarten,​ they are also granted full or​ partial college loan forgiveness.
The state rewards its Head Start teachers and administrators by canceling 15% of​ their college loan balance for each year of​ service up to​ 100% of​ the​ balance .​
to​ learn more visit:
Student Loan Forgiveness for Providers of​ Intervention Services for the​ Disabled
The government will pay your Perkins loan in​ full if​ you​ provide full time services designed to​ aid disabled infants or​ toddlers who have physical,​ cognitive,​ communicative,​ social,​ emotional,​ or​ adaptive needs .​
Qualified programs can operate from an​ in-home setting or​ outside facility providing the​ program conforms to​ the​ requirements of​ the​ Individuals with Disabilities Education Act .​
to​ learn more about his student loan forgiveness program,​ contact your loan provider.
Find More Resources that Offer Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
Even more programs exist at​ the​ state or​ county government level or​ through industry-specific organizations .​
Inquire with the​ human resources department of​ your employer or​ groups that you​ volunteer for or​ are considering joining .​
Be sure to​ bookmark this page of​ resources or​ pass it​ along to​ a​ friend or​ colleague .​
you​ may just find a​ way to​ save yourself or​ someone you​ know a​ few thousand dollars!

Student Loan Forgiveness Do You Qualify

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