Student Loan Consolidation Part I

Student Loan Consolidation Part I

Get Life Skills Not Student Loans
Student loans? Who needs them? Take charge of​ your money for the​ rest of​ your life.
Part I ​ Avoid student loan consolidation by avoiding debt this is​ part I
Part II Student loan consolidation has big benefits for losers
Part III Idea beats student loan consolidation and creates a​ winning mindset.
You'll never need student loans with these ideas.
1. Grants in​ place of​ student loans no repayments
2. Part time earning decreases student loans
3. Economizing builds life skills avoids some student loans
1. Grants Supreme way to​ avoid student loans
A grant is​ a​ gift of​ money that you​ don't have to​ repay. Isn't a​ $50000 grant better than taking out student loans every year for four or​ five years?

There is​ a​ club that keeps its members abreast of​ grants that they might use. you​ can avoid student loans. These grants aren't confined to​ education so you​ aren't confined to​ avoiding student loans. if​ you​ get a​ grant,​ save actively to​ build a​ nest egg and the​ right mindset.
2. Part Time Earning
There are lots of​ ways for you​ to​ work your way through college. What I ​ like is​ that they encourage an aggressive "go and get it" mindset. Student loans encourage the​ "wait for it​ to​ come to​ me" mindset.
I have details of​ how a​ teenage girl made a​ profitable website. Shell never need student loans!
One girl runs dogs. That's right,​ she runs for half an hour with 4 dogs that need lots of​ exercise,​ then picks up the​ next 4 dogs.
Don't lose sight of​ your target. you​ want to​ avoid student loans,​ not impress your friends with how much you​ can spend.
3. Economizing
I had a​ grant for University. Fellow students complained their student loans or​ college grants were too small. I ​ saved money from the​ grant by economizing.
A dollar saved is​ four dollars earned. you​ pay back about twice as​ much as​ you​ borrow,​ with money from which the​ IRS has stolen 50%. So each dollar you​ save avoids earning four.
You can economize on​ these and have better health.
1. Food
2. Lodgings
3. Health
4. Transport
5. Social life
1. Food.
Learn to​ cook. You're at​ the​ mercy of​ food suppliers until you​ can cook. One student got into the​ news because student loans only covered tinned dog food for him to​ eat. That's too expensive! I'm cooking my own food and eating well on​ about$17 per week.
2. Lodgings
I can only suggest that you​ shop around. Remember that $20 saved per week is​ $1000 saved from your student loans each year even without interest payments.
3. Health
The damage you​ do to​ your body adds up over your lifetime,​ so its a​ good idea to​ stay healthy. What has that to​ do with student loans?
It turns out that fast food is​ bad for your health,​ and so are most processed foods,​ and cooking your own food means that you​ can avoid trans fatty acids,​ sugar,​ and all the​ other things that cause obesity. Curry,​ broccoli,​ tomatoes,​ garlic,​ Brazil nuts,​ and cabbage among other things fight cancer. And they all make less demands on​ student loans.
4. Transport
Make inquiries. How much would you​ save from your student loans by buying a​ bike instead of​ a​ car? Would public transport be better? Would walking or​ running for exercise be even better? How much would it​ cramp your style for dating?
Remember,​ buying a​ car with a​ student loan involves not only repayments,​ but fuel and oil,​ repairs,​ licensing,​ and depreciation. I ​ traveled 2 hrs/day on​ my pushbike getting exercise and no college loans.
5. Social Life
Look for free pastimes. if​ your friends aren't interested in​ ways to​ avoid college loans perhaps you​ have the​ wrong friends.
If you​ finish study at​ 25 and work till 60 that gives you​ a​ working life of​ 35 years. So a​ 25 year student loan takes a​ big chunk out of​ your life,​ even if​ you​ are never unemployed.
And that's before you​ take out a​ mortgage!
Other ways to​ economize
Buy secondhand whenever possible even your textbooks. Clothes from the​ Salvation Army are cheap. Use eBay,​ but don't buy anything you​ don't need. My first boss said Id furnished my house for less than he spent on​ his bedroom.

Negotiate Important for second hand,​ even more for new goods. When you​ go in​ to​ buy a​ new fridge,​ the​ attendant waits to​ see if​ you're stupid enough to​ pay the​ price tag,​ or​ ask for a​ discount.
Remember a​ dollar saved is​ four dollars in​ student loans that you​ wont have to​ pay back.

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