Student Loan Consolidation How To Make A Wise Decision

Student Loan Consolidation -- How to​ Make a​ Wise Decision
Debt consolidation feels like instant freedom .​
When you​ can not easily manage your debt,​ bundling it​ all up seems like a​ good idea .​
The most common way to​ do this is​ a​ debt consolidation loan .​
This loan takes all of​ your debts and wraps them into one loan .​
Don't confuse it​ with bankruptcy,​ though .​
You still have to​ pay this money back .​
You are simply refinancing the​ money that you​ have borrowed.
Before you​ do this,​ you​ should know both sides of​ the​ story.
On the​ Good Side
Manage your money much easier with just 1 bill to​ pay each month .​
Gone is​ the​ anxiety as​ each bill comes in,​ like a​ Chinese water torture .​
Instead of​ incomprensible statements from credit cards,​ gas cards,​ student loans,​ and car loans,​ it​ can seem a​ blessing to​ get them down into one payment.
You'll get lower monthly payments .​
Since everything is​ tied into one payment,​ the​ amount that you​ need to​ pay monthly can be quite a​ bit lower.
Your interest rate is​ often lowered too .​
This is​ especially true on​ high rate credit cards.
Probably the​ biggest benefit is​ that you​ will not have to​ deal with creditors anymore.
On the​ Bad Side
It is​ crucial to​ realize that your debt is​ still your debt .​
It hasn't lessened and it​ hasn't gone away .​
You still have to​ pay it​ off.
It may take longer to​ pay off the​ debt .​
Because you​ have a​ lower monthly payment,​ you​ are likely to​ pay longer to​ get the​ loan down.
You will pay more in​ the​ long run .​
Finance charges and interest rates add up and they stretch out the​ amount that you​ owe for a​ longer period of​ time.
You will often need to​ secure your loan through property.
It may let you​ believe that you​ are more secure than you​ actually are .​
You may think that your debt is​ under control .​
And,​ you​ may think that you​ can keep spending now .​
That is​ not a​ good idea at​ all.
The Balance
When it​ comes to​ deciding on​ debt consolidation,​ look at​ all of​ the​ pros and cons .​
You should shop around to​ find the​ lender who will offer you​ the​ best consolidation loan .​
You should examine the​ interest rate,​ the​ amount loaned,​ and whether it​ is​ a​ fixed or​ an​ adjustable rate loan .​
You should know the​ type of​ consolidation loan that you​ qualify for and what the​ underlying factors are .​
Make sure to​ include whether you​ have a​ good credit rating,​ if​ you​ own equity,​ and whether you​ have a​ good amount of​ income coming in.
There are other forms of​ debt consolidation as​ well .​
One good one is​ a​ credit counseling service .​
These organizations help by working between you​ and the​ creditor .​
They can help to​ negotiate a​ lower interest rate from some lenders,​ as​ well as​ teach you​ how to​ more effectively manage your money.
Whichever path you​ choose,​ do it​ before the​ choices are taken away from you.

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