Stick Cricket Games

Stick Cricket Games
Stick cricket is​ an​ online cricket game that runs on​ Adobe Flash .​
The game was created and developed by Cann Creative,​ a​ company based in​ Sydney,​ Australia .​
The information on​ the​ game’s official website humorously states that the​ stick cricket game was the​ result of​ someone from the​ Cann Creative team trying to​ learn how to​ make flash programs .​
The idea caught like wildfire,​ and the​ team decided to​ cash in​ on​ the​ popularity of​ the​ game.
The game was called stick cricket because the​ earliest version of​ the​ game featured stick figures acting as​ batsmen .​
But as​ the​ game evolved,​ a​ number of​ upgrades have been implemented,​ and the​ current version,​ which is​ version 4.1,​ now features human batsmen.
The point of​ stick cricket is​ to​ score as​ many runs as​ the​ player can .​
a​ player of​ a​ stick cricket game can play using these different modes:
1 .​
Tournament .​
a​ player can participate in​ a​ tournament and beat the​ score of​ the​ national team .​
It is​ a​ progression until the​ player reaches the​ World Champions .​
The tournament format of​ the​ stick cricket game is​ patterned after the​ ICC Champions Trophy.
2 .​
Slog .​
In a​ slog,​ the​ player has to​ score as​ many runs as​ possible within the​ given 10 overs .​
Here he or​ she plays against a​ selected team,​ or​ against the​ World Domination play done by another stick cricket player.
3 .​
World Domination .​
In World Domination mode,​ players get a​ password if​ they have beaten a​ national team score within 20 overs .​
The player’s team will go to​ the​ draw if​ it​ wins.
For those people who have no experience of​ playing stick cricket,​ the​ game is​ also available in​ practice mode .​
Here,​ the​ player can chose a​ type of​ bowler and just play practice games .​
The scores he or​ she gains here are not saved.
Stick cricket is​ an​ addictive game for those who are into cricket .​
Another fun thing is​ that the​ game itself has many hidden features,​ which are called Easter Eggs .​
The Easter Eggs can be activated by clicking on​ certain objects in​ the​ game,​ or​ by typing certain passwords in​ the​ World Domination password box.

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