Steer Your Cruise Vacation Toward Weight Loss Success

When you've thought about a​ dream cruise,​ you may have been concerned that your best intentions about eating nutritiously and exercising regularly would...well...jump ship.

Until fairly recently,​ that used to​ be the​ case. Now,​ while enjoying delicious meals is​ still a​ part of​ the​ cruising experience,​ it's not the​ defining one. Most cruise lines offer healthier,​ lower-fat dinner options and are also more than willing to​ accommodate special dietary requests.

"While on​ a​ cruise,​ it's important-and easy-to concentrate on​ the​ three key areas of​ healthy living: food,​ body and mind,​" says Lisa Talamini,​ RD-Chief Nutritionist and Program Director for Jenny Craig,​ Inc.

"In the​ area of​ food,​ remember to​ fill up on​ fresh fruits and vegetables,​ order lean cuts of​ meat or​ fish,​ and try lower-calorie alcohol alternatives like wine spritzers,​" advises Talamini. "For the​ body,​ take advantage of​ the​ onboard gym,​ planned physical activities,​ and the​ chance to​ dance the​ night away. Your mind can be nurtured with a​ special treatment from the​ ship's spa,​ by exploring ports of​ call,​ or​ by relaxing quietly by the​ pool."

Here are a​ few simple ways to​ stay fit while on​ a​ cruise:

• at​ a​ buffet,​ survey the​ table and decide what you'll have before you get in​ line. Wait until the​ line thins; then take only what you had planned. And one trip only.

• Lighten up your "spirits." Instead of​ a​ higher-calorie cocktail,​ sip on​ a​ glass of​ sparkling water,​ a​ champagne spritzer or​ a​ virgin Cosmopolitan.

• During formal dinner seatings,​ request your low-fat salad dressing on​ the​ side. Using the​ "drip-n-drizzle" technique,​ dip your fork into the​ dressing,​ so you get just a​ little with each bite.

• Dying for dessert? Order a​ single serving of​ sorbet or​ something fruit based and share it​ with your table.

• Take a​ stroll on​ deck after every meal. Breathe in​ the​ fresh salt air,​ chat with your travel companion,​ and give your meal a​ well-deserved opportunity to​ digest.

• Choose shore excursions that involve physical activity. Golfing,​ hiking up to​ waterfalls,​ snorkeling and island biking are fun--plus a​ good workout.

• Splash around in​ the​ pool. You may not be able to​ do laps but treading water or​ doing aqua aerobics are both terrific ways to​ keep moving and active.

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