Start Your Weight Loss Program Today

Start Your Weight Loss Program Today

Are you the​ type of​ person who would love to​ lose weight but you keep putting it​ off for another day? There are many excuses which people make which I will write about in​ this article,​ but it​ is​ now time to​ become strong and to​ stop making excuses. Be inspired and start your weight loss program today.

I have to​ admit that I am the​ type of​ person who a​ few years ago would have answered yes to​ the​ question above. in​ my late teens I was far to​ over-weight and was not happy about it. I often thought about the​ different ways in​ which I could try to​ become slimmer,​ but that is​ all I would do,​ think.

These are the​ reasons I would make at​ that stage of​ my life,​ to​ put off my attempts at​ losing weight:

I am too tired. in​ the​ morning,​ I would wake up with very good intentions. I would tell myself that after I finish work,​ that I would go for a​ short jog. I would then do some fitness work at​ home such as​ using the​ dumb bell weights which I had bought many months ago. I would also try a​ few press ups and also start watching what I was eating. I was very aware that my diet included many of​ those fatty foods which the​ experts advice people to​ avoid.

After work,​ I would return home and would then make up the​ excuse that I am too tired. Instead of​ going for a​ jog today,​ I would start my fitness regime tomorrow etc. I may as​ well eat that fatty food which is​ in​ the​ fridge as​ other wise it​ is​ just a​ waste of​ money. I will in​ the​ future ensure that I stop buying anymore of​ these fatty meals,​ but for now I will eat it​ until it​ all goes.

My body is​ aching. This was a​ regular excuse. I would tell myself that if​ I start exercising today,​ I may well do myself more damage than good. I had better for health reasons,​ wait until my body feels better. of​ course the​ aches and pains were not half as​ bad as​ I was making out.

I do not have enough time. I would often delay any fitness work as​ I always seemed to​ have something else to​ do which I believed were more important. in​ reality they were not and they could have easily have been completed after my hours exercise. Yet again it​ was just a​ way of​ me getting out of​ something which did not seem that fun.

It could be dangerous. Going back to​ my idea of​ jogging,​ I then had the​ bright idea that it​ could actually be quite risky. What if​ I come across a​ madman with a​ knife? This would have been quite a​ good excuse if​ I was running when it​ was dark,​ for example early in​ the​ morning or​ late at​ night. This however was not the​ case,​ I had been thinking of​ jogging at​ around half past four in​ the​ afternoon.

I eventually after many years decided to​ stop making up these excuses. I had to​ be determined to​ not only start up a​ fitness regime but to​ stick to​ it. it​ was not easy at​ all but after quite a​ long time I reached a​ weight which I was happy with.

You can do the​ same,​ therefore stop making excuses and start your weight loss plan today.

Start Your Weight Loss Program Today

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