Spy Games In Oxfordshire A 007 Corporate Event Activity

Spy Games In Oxfordshire A 007 Corporate Event Activity

“Bond,​ James Bond”- sounds good to​ the​ ear. You must be wondering as​ to​ when you will pronounce your own name like that,​ isn’t it? Well,​ here is​ your chance to​ participate in​ the​ ultimate spy game. Enter the​ world of​ secret agents and spy missions. Take your corporate team to​ visit the​ spy school where you will rediscover your skills through fun filled,​ thrilling corporate events.

Essential Skills for Spy Games

It’s certainly not easy to​ play the​ role of​ a​ spy. You will be taught the​ tricks of​ the​ spy game before you embark on​ the​ six hours mission at​ the​ spy headquarters. You must have watched the​ spy agents using hidden cameras,​ listening devices on​ the​ television set a​ number of​ times. Now it’s your chance of​ learning the​ tricks of​ using such spy equipments like a​ covert camera,​ UHF phone,​ lock picking gadgets and much more.

The spy games in​ Oxfordshire are among the​ best challenging corporate events that Chillisauce offers you. You will be taught how to​ use a​ pistol and which weapons to​ select while you are on​ Chillisauce’s corporate spy mission. You will be taught how to​ fire machine guns on​ a​ close quarter battle,​ how to​ aim your victim with the​ help of​ the​ powerful telescopic sight of​ the​ sniper rifle,​ how to​ throw the​ axe and finally how to​ de-activate a​ bomb. All these exciting corporate event activities along with the​ training in​ un-armed combat techniques aim at​ providing a​ pleasurable and soothing experience.

If you think you have learnt everything about spy games already,​ think again. Chillisauce provides you with the​ best corporate spy driving instructions on​ how to​ maneuver and control the​ car and how to​ shoot your victim while you are on​ the​ ride. the​ best part of​ this thrilling corporate event is​ that you can take part in​ a​ competition with the​ other drivers to​ find out whose timing is​ the​ best. Chillisauce wishes your corporate team good luck for the​ competition!

Effective Team Building through Spy Games

Spy Games in​ Oxfordshire involves teamwork. When it​ comes to​ arranging a​ corporate event for building team unity,​ trust Chillisauce to​ give you the​ perfect corporate team building service. the​ mission of​ spy game lies not only in​ finding the​ target but also in​ strengthening the​ bond shared by the​ corporate team members and thus building the​ positive team spirit.

Spy Games In Oxfordshire A 007 Corporate Event Activity

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