Splash Pages Are Lousy Seo

A discussion of​ splash pages and how they are not a​ design element that supports a​ profitable search engine optimization strategy.

One of​ the​ hottest web site design crazes on​ the​ Internet are “splash pages.” a​ splash page is​ a​ web page that is​ completely or​ partly animated. you​ could think of​ it​ as​ being an​ animated book cover. These pages can consist of​ just a​ few words,​ just a​ graphic,​ a​ company’s logo and also many shifting images. Music is​ also usually a​ component of​ a​ well-designed splash page.

Usually your user has to​ do a​ lot of​ clicking in​ order to​ get through the​ “splash page” process. if​ you​ are on​ a​ web site that starts with a​ long introduction and there is​ a​ link called Skip Intro on​ it​ then you​ have encountered a​ true blue splash page.

There is​ some debate about whether or​ not splash pages are a​ good idea. it​ is​ good if​ you​ are a​ bigger company that needs to​ branded then the​ addition of​ an​ introductory splash page to​ your site is​ not necessarily going to​ hurt your business. However if​ your site is​ not a​ household name it​ is​ probably best to​ stay away from splash pages. Splash pages displace the​ first page (which contains your real content) and the​ search engine spiders then read these flashy intro pages as​ blank space.

The problem is​ that splash pages lack content that can indexed,​ contain zero links,​ usually and often display a​ "redirect" to​ the​ real home page. Search engines algorithms think you​ are trying to​ trick them if​ they see a​ redirect on​ what is​ supposed to​ be a​ home page. the​ bottom line is​ that you​ must avoid redirects if​ you​ are serious about being found by search engines. an​ introductory splash page is​ not recommended for businesses that are not known as​ not only can they sabotage your SEO efforts but often they are quite expensive to​ be designed too.

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