Spitting In Your Dogs Food To Build Dominance Revisited

Spitting In Your Dogs Food To Build Dominance Revisited

I was having dinner last week with Jeff and Michelle--two of​ my first dog training clients,​ when I branched out on​ my own and started South Bay K-9 Academy in​ Southern California,​ back in​ 1994.

[I'm now actively retired from working with the​ general public... I love working with dogs,​ but the​ dog owners (Jeff and Michelle not withstanding) drove me absolutely nuts!]

Anyway,​ Jeff and Michelle still have their Dalmatian,​ "Dotty,​" who's now close to​ 11 years-old.

I've always thought it​ was funny that the​ one thing people seem to​ remember from my 324 page dog training book,​ "Secrets of​ a​ Professional Dog Trainer!" is​ that I recommend spitting in​ your dog's food.

As if​ this were the​ magic key to​ getting a​ well behaved dog.

Regardless,​ it​ seems to​ be the​ one thing that almost everybody remembers--from literally hundreds of​ dog training tips I present in​ the​ book,​ on​ our web site Dogproblems.com,​ and in​ our discussion forum.

Why do I recommend spitting in​ your dog's food?

Because you're marking the​ dog food with your scent. And because the​ Alpha dog in​ the​ pack always eats first.

This is​ a​ subtle way to​ communicate to​ your dog that you​ are the​ pack leader. But this alone won't do it. you​ need to​ be acting like a​ pack leader in​ every other aspect of​ your dog's life,​ too. Such as​ being the​ first to​ walk through a​ door. or​ telling your dog where to​ lay down,​ and when he's allowed to​ eat. And making sure you​ follow through and enforce any and every command that you​ give.

I take a​ lot of​ guff from people--especially other dog trainers--who misinterpret my advice and think that spitting in​ your dog's food is​ the​ only thing you​ need to​ do tol make you​ the​ Alpha dog. It's not.

Well,​ not any more than the​ 100 other subtle things you​ must do to​ communicate that you​ are the​ pack leader. I always stress to​ new dog owners that the​ more things you're doing to​ reinforce that you​ are the​ pack leader for your dog,​ will make your dog view you​ as​ the​ pack leader,​ faster. Spitting in​ your dog's food is​ just one more thing to​ do that helps.

So anyway,​ back to​ my dinner with Jeff and Michelle:

When I asked how Dotty was doing,​ Jeff responded that Dotty was absolutely fantastic. the​ best dog they'd ever had,​ due in​ no small part to​ their diligence and consistency in​ applying the​ dog training techniques I showed them.

But then Jeff said something very interesting: "I'm still spitting in​ her food. in​ fact,​ she won't even touch the​ food until after I spit in​ it." (Remember: the​ Alpha dog always eats first!).

So there you​ go: Further proof that some of​ my more outlandish dog training techniques really work!

Even if​ you​ may feel silly doing it.

That's all for now,​ folks!

P.S. Jeff and Michelle are able to​ take Dotty anywhere--off leash--and know that she'll respond to​ commands,​ immediately. They even take her camping quite frequently...,​ which Dotty absolutely loves!

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