Spelling Games For Kids

Spelling Games For Kids

The following spelling games can be used by parents -- or​ teachers -- to​ reinforce spelling in​ children.


Play any game that is​ normally played with dice with the​ child -- Monopoly,​ for example. the​ parent can continue to​ move her token forward in​ the​ normal way by throwing the​ dice,​ but the​ child must orally spell a​ word to​ move forward.

To select words that can be used,​ the​ parent can use words from the​ child's schoolwork that he often misspells. She must make word cards of​ these words. it​ is​ best to​ use not fewer than 20 words and not more than 30. When playing a​ board game,​ the​ same 20-30 words can be used,​ or​ if​ the​ child already knows how to​ spell them,​ other words can be selected. the​ parent must thoroughly shuffle the​ word cards,​ and then put them in​ a​ pile upside down on​ the​ table between the​ two (or more) players.

When it​ is​ the​ child's turn to​ play,​ the​ parent must take a​ word from the​ top of​ the​ pile and then say the​ word aloud. the​ child must spell the​ word. if​ the​ child spells the​ word correctly,​ he may move his token the​ same number of​ spaces as​ there are letters in​ the​ word. For example,​ for a​ word of​ seven letters he may move his token forward seven spaces. the​ word card is​ then put aside. If,​ however,​ he misspells the​ word,​ the​ parent must show the​ word to​ the​ child,​ and the​ child must spell the​ word aloud three times while looking at​ the​ word,​ and then three times without looking at​ it. Then the​ word is​ put at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ pile,​ so that it​ will come up again later. if​ the​ child misspells a​ word,​ he may also not move his token for that turn.


Use the​ letters of​ a​ particular word,​ and build new words with these letters. For example,​ if​ one decides to​ use the​ word “difficulty,​” one would write this word on​ a​ piece of​ paper and put it​ in​ front of​ the​ child.

The aim of​ the​ game is​ that the​ child must make a​ list of​ all the​ words he can think of​ using only the​ letters of​ the​ chosen word. it​ can also be played as​ a​ competition,​ meaning the​ parent can play it​ with the​ child,​ and at​ the​ end,​ the​ one with the​ largest number of​ correctly spelled words,​ wins.

There are always many words that can be formed in​ this way,​ and in​ an​ indirect manner the​ spelling of​ the​ chosen word is​ practiced,​ while many other words are also tested for spelling. a​ few examples of​ words that can be formed from the​ letters of​ “difficulty” are: if,​ left,​ cult,​ cliff,​ fifty,​ duty,​ etc.

Note that each letter may be used once only. the​ letter f appears twice in​ the​ word “difficulty,​” and therefore a​ word like “fifty” is​ acceptable. “Dull,​” however,​ is​ not acceptable.

Some examples of​ words to​ be used: alphabetical; misunderstanding; occasionally; postponement; mayonnaise; multimillionaire; credibility; determination; education; friendship; generosity; hippopotamus.


Another interesting method of​ practicing spelling is​ by making word jumbles. the​ child then has to​ sort out the​ confused letters to​ come up with a​ word,​ which he has been taught before.

Words must be selected from the​ child's schoolwork. Use a​ piece of​ paper,​ and write the​ word jumble on​ the​ paper. For example,​ if​ the​ letters “hergun” are written on​ the​ paper,​ the​ child must rearrange them to​ form the​ word “hunger.”


To play this game,​ the​ parent and child will both need a​ piece of​ paper and a​ pencil. Write the​ 26 letters of​ the​ alphabet on​ a​ piece of​ paper,​ and select a​ letter at​ random. the​ parent and the​ child must now,​ as​ fast as​ they can,​ write down a​ name,​ surname,​ animal and town that starts with the​ selected letter. the​ one that finishes first gives the​ other party only 5 seconds,​ before shouting "Stop!" and then all pencils must be put down.

Ten points are awarded for each correctly spelled word. if​ both parent and child had exactly the​ same word under one of​ the​ headings,​ for example,​ both had the​ same animal,​ only 5 points will be awarded if​ the​ word was correctly spelled.

Say,​ for instance,​ the​ letter "d" was selected:

Names: Douglas,​ Danny,​ David.
Surnames: Davis.
Animals: dog,​ dinosaur,​ deer.
City/Town: Dallas,​ Durban.

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