Spark Plugs Offer Xtreme Benefits

Spark Plugs Offer Xtreme Benefits

The average motorist often underestimates the power and​ importance of​ a​ spark plug.

Spark plugs must deliver a​ high voltage spark within​ milli-seconds in​ order to​ ignite the air and​ fuel mixture inside a​ vehicle's engine. this​ process provides the power a​ vehicle needs to​ operate.

Old or​ worn spark plugs can disrupt this​ process and​ diminish the amount of​ power that is​ generated. According to​ AAA, old or​ dirty spark plugs can reduce fuel economy by up to​ 30 percent.

To keep vehicles running their best, motorists should replace spark plugs according to​ the intervals outlined in​ their vehicle's owner manual. this​ will not only help drivers see a​ difference in​ vehicle performance, but also could save them money at​ the gas pump.

for​ years, savvy do-it-yourselfers have relied on​ this​ quick and​ easy maintenance procedure to​ restore lost power and​ improve vehicle performance. Now, the average motorist can experience these benefits, too, with a​ new offering from Autolite.

With enhanced technology for​ improved durability, Autolite XP Xtreme Performance Spark Plugs are among the brand's most technologically advanced spark plugs.

"We want to​ give motorists more bang for​ less buck," said Sean Lyon, Autolite senior product manager. "Our new Autolite XP Xtreme Performance Spark Plugs offer better overall ignitability and​ durability while delivering optimum performance for​ a​ better overall value."

They are available in​ stores with an​ approximate retail price of​ $5.99 and​ are backed with a​ five-year limited guarantee against defects in​ materials and​ workmanship. - NU

Spark Plugs Offer Xtreme Benefits

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