Some Things To Consider Before Breeding Your Dog

Some Things To Consider Before Breeding Your Dog

Breeding dogs can be one of​ the​ most rewarding things you​ can do. of​ course it's not as​ simple as​ deciding to​ breed and starting. There are some important things you​ need to​ ask,​ and honestly answer before you​ can breed with a​ clear conscience.
With so many unwanted puppies you​ need to​ be sure you​ can find good homes for all the​ puppies. There are far too many unwanted pets in​ the​ world. if​ you​ are wanting to​ breed because you​ feel you​ have a​ lot of​ time,​ resources and love to​ give - rather consider adopting one of​ the​ many millions of​ homeless pets and giving your love in​ this way.

You will need to​ have your bitch thoroughly checked by the​ veterinarian before thinking about allowing your bitch to​ become pregnant. Lingering and chronic medical conditions must be identified and sorted out before pregnancy. if​ something is​ found that would indicate that pregnancy is​ dangerous for your bitch (for example Daschunds have severe back problems which can be exacerbated by pregnancy) the​ problem needs to​ be sorted out.

While at​ the​ vet you​ will also need to​ ask many questions. Doing your homework helps here too - if​ you​ are going to​ do this there are a​ great deal of​ things you​ will need to​ know about. And many unforeseen circumstances you​ might find yourself in. you​ must know a​ great deal about all aspects of​ your bitches reproduction before you​ go ahead.

Caring for puppies also takes significant resources. you​ will need to​ commit to​ a​ great deal of​ extra time on​ your part. Caring for a​ pregnant,​ whelping and lactating bitch is​ time consuming enough,​ not to​ mention caring for the​ puppies.

Financially you​ will need to​ prepare for the​ added veterinarian costs,​ both for your bitch and the​ necessary vaccines for the​ puppies. if​ you​ cannot afford the​ medical costs then under no circumstances should you​ breed with your bitch.

A litter can be as​ large as​ 12 puppies which will place an​ enormous financial strain on​ you. Unless both dogs are of​ very good breeding you​ might not see any return on​ your investment.

Emotionally the​ process can also have its ups and downs for you​ and your family. Are you​ prepared for the​ possibility of​ sick,​ deformed or​ even dead puppies? How will your children react? How will you​ deal with these kinds of​ issues?

Examine your motives carefully. Don't breed because you​ think you​ will be able to​ make some profit for yourself. This is​ both false and selfish. Don’t' breed only because you​ think it​ will be a​ joyous experience for your children. if​ something goes wrong it​ won't be quite as​ joyful. Lastly if​ you​ are clinging to​ false fantasies about cute puppies and no other work then think again.

Remember - every puppy you​ create is​ your responsibility and that can be quite a​ monumental thing. This means if​ owners of​ the​ puppies cannot care for them anymore you​ will need to​ take them back.

It's hard,​ messy work and there is​ an​ endless list of​ things that can go wrong.

This said,​ allowing your bitch to​ mate can be a​ very rewarding experience. if​ you​ are sure you​ have considered all the​ aspects,​ are well read and sure you​ have enough love,​ time and money to​ go round - then enjoy the​ experience. It's amazing to​ watch the​ miracle of​ life unfold before you. if​ you​ have children it​ will be both educational and memorable experience.

At its best; breeding should be a​ careful blend between science and art. Are you​ really prepared for all the​ responsibility that comes with breeding?

Some Things To Consider Before Breeding Your Dog

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