Some Terrier Dogs That You Would Find Interesting

The personality of​ a​ lively child put into dog- this might be a​ good way of​ describing the​ general personality of​ terriers. But as​ it​ appears,​ that still would not justify their temperaments. These dogs came from the​ British Isles where they were first oriented to​ hunting fox,​ rat,​ otter and the​ likes over and under the​ ground. And as​ its name suggests,​ "terrier" came from the​ word "terra" which means,​ "earth".

While terriers may be identified through their prominent physical characteristics,​ they are still divided into various breeds that separate one kind from another.

The following are the​ subgroups of​ the​ terrier breed:

Show Terriers- These are basically bred as​ small dogs and are used for show rings.

Bull and Terrier Types- these came from breeding between bull dogs and terriers. Only in​ the​ last quarter of​ 1800's did the​ breeders separate a​ number of​ bull dogs from terrier types for distinction.

Hunting and Working Terriers- the​ breed that was primarily bred for hunting.

Toy Terriers- These are the​ smaller versions of​ terriers,​ which are basically categorized into the​ companion breed.

To help you​ understand the​ various natures of​ terrier dogs,​ we have prepared some dog profiles here,​ please read on.

Airedale Terrier- This is​ known to​ be the​ largest dog in​ the​ Terrier breed. Standing an​ average of​ 23 inches from the​ shoulder,​ this dog shows off both beauty and elegance that make them fit for both dog obedience trials and show rings.

A cross-breed between Otterhound and Black and Tan Terrier,​ Airedale possess good skill in​ scent and superb swimming prowess.

Australian Terrier- Probably one of​ the​ dog types that have gotten to​ so many out-crossings with other dog breeds. a​ cross breed between the​ forerunner of​ Dandie Dinmont and rough coated terrier is​ said to​ have been migrated into England. the​ offspring of​ which was taken to​ Australia. With the​ scarcity of​ dog breeds in​ this land,​ many dogs had been crossbred into it​ which later resulted to​ a​ small type having the​ characteristics of​ terriers while being a​ good watchdog and ratter. it​ stands 10 to​ 11 inches with a​ life expectancy of​ 12 to​ 14 years.

Border Terrier- a​ True-blue working terrier,​ this dog is​ marked by its medium built while proving to​ work far better than what its appearance may give. Border Terriers are agile and alert while having the​ capacity to​ fit into narrow gaps especially during hunting.

Aside from its being affectionate and good adaptation to​ training,​ Border terriers can also make good family pets.

Bull Terrier- Originally bred for dog fighting and bull baiting,​ this dog is​ known to​ have been well-accustomed to​ courage and good resistance to​ pain. However,​ when the​ bloody dog fights were banned in​ England during the​ 1800's,​ most breeders turned to​ breeding milder dogs.

Bull Terriers came from these fighting dogs combined with Dalmatian and English Terrier to​ produce all-white specie. This new breed though is​ very much reserved from starting fights which gave them the​ nickname "White Cavalier".

There are of​ course a​ variety of​ other terrier species. Initially,​ you​ might find them interesting enough to​ catch your attention but a​ closer look would lead you​ to​ further knowing them. Who knows,​ you​ might find your ideal type of​ dog in​ this breed.

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