Some Information Regarding Cairn Terrier Pet Dogs

If you​ are thinking of​ getting a​ Cairn terrier pet dog,​ then you​ need to​ know some information about it​ first. Why? Well,​ knowing the​ right information about anything will help you​ in​ the​ long run. This is​ especially true when we are talking about a​ pet ownership. Before you​ get a​ Cairn terrier pet dog,​ you​ need to​ be sure that you​ know what you​ are getting yourself into. you​ need to​ know how to​ take proper care of​ your cairn terrier pet dog and you​ also need to​ know what to​ expect when you​ are getting one.

Thankfully,​ there are a​ lot of​ sites on​ the​ internet which can provide you​ the​ necessary information. to​ save you​ some time,​ however,​ here are the​ basics:

Originally bred in​ the​ Scottish highlands,​ the​ Cairn terrier is​ the​ smallest of​ all terrier breeds. you​ should not let the​ size deceive you​ when you​ are getting a​ Cairn terrier pet dog,​ however. the​ Cairn terrier was first bred because of​ its working ability. you​ know what this means? This means energy.

A Cairn terrier pet dog has a​ lot of​ energy to​ spare. They can gain a​ lot from taking brisk walks daily. However,​ you​ should know that they do best when they have a​ fenced-in yard to​ play in. This way,​ they get more room when they play. Their high energy also means that they aren't really suitable for apartment or​ condo living. if​ you​ live in​ such places,​ then having a​ Cairn terrier pet dog is​ not for you.

Their energy may also put them in​ danger. This is​ the​ reason why you​ need to​ make sure that a​ Cairn terrier pet dog stays in​ one area. Their natural instincts tell them to​ dig and run and these activities may lead to​ accidents if​ unsupervised.

There are,​ however,​ a​ lot of​ positive things that can be said about a​ Cairn terrier pet dog's energy. For one thing,​ it​ makes the​ dog fun to​ play with. it​ can play for hours on​ end,​ giving you​ the​ companionship that you​ want. Another positive with this energy is​ the​ fact that this energy can be channeled into good purposes. a​ Cairn terrier pet dog is​ naturally inquisitive and is​ always willing to​ participate in​ a​ new adventure. This means that a​ Cairn terrier pet dog can be easily taught to​ do tricks. They learn tricks very fast and thrive in​ obedience training.

You need to​ make sure that your Cairn terrier pet dog is​ trained properly since untrained ones have a​ tendency to​ be destructive when they are bored.

Let us talk about the​ proper care for a​ Cairn terrier pet dog. One thing you​ do not need to​ worry about is​ its coat. the​ Cairn terrier pet dog was not bred for the​ beauty of​ its coat. the​ coat of​ a​ Cairn terrier pet dog is​ weather resistant and sheds little to​ no fur. Because of​ this,​ it​ can be a​ great indoor pet.

Being the​ smallest of​ terrier breeds,​ however,​ makes Cairn terrier pet dogs especially vulnerable to​ various health problems. Care must be taken when feeding it​ as​ it​ can gain weight quite rapidly. a​ Cairn terrier pet dog is​ also especially sensitive to​ fleas. However,​ you​ can be sure that this is​ one of​ the​ best breeds around.

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