Solving Crime With Computer Forensics

Solving Crime With Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics is​ the​ scientific study of​ computers or​ computer related data in​ relation to​ an​ investigation by a​ law enforcement agency for use in​ a​ court of​ law .​
While this technology may be as​ old as​ computers themselves,​ the​ advances in​ technology are constantly revising this science.
In the​ technological old days,​ computer forensics was mostly related to​ data dumps,​ printing out every keystroke that had been logged on​ a​ computer in​ a​ series of​ eight digits,​ all of​ them zeroes and ones .​
Literally cases of​ paper would be used for the​ printing of​ the​ materials .​
Systems analysts would then have to​ convert all of​ the​ data into hex and then translate the​ value into whatever the​ actual keystroke was .​
In this way,​ it​ was possible to​ go over all of​ the​ data and figure out at​ what point the​ computer and the​ corresponding program crashed .​
Like computers and technology,​ Computer forensics has evolved by leaps and bounds since those days of​ old.
While all computer language still ultimately boils down to​ ones and zeroes or​ binary and then hex,​ the​ means by which programs are created,​ run and utilized has changed drastically .​
This new science has done well to​ keep up with the​ task at​ hand .​
Now hard drives can be wiped clean .​
However,​ without an​ unconditional format (and in​ rare cases,​ even with the​ unconditional switch) the​ data can still be retrieved .​
It takes an​ expert in​ computer forensics however .​
It takes someone who is​ familiar with the​ technology of​ the​ computer to​ reconstruct all of​ the​ data that has been wiped off of​ the​ hard drive.
Computer forensics can be used to​ track emails,​ instant messaging and just about any other form of​ computer related communications .​
This can be necessary,​ especially in​ the​ world today .​
Experts have even advanced the​ technology to​ the​ point that they can track data real time,​ or​ while it​ is​ actually being sent and received .​
This is​ a​ mind-numbing task when you think about the​ billions of​ communications going on​ around the​ globe at​ any given time,​ but the​ science of​ computer forensics is​ constantly advancing every bit as​ quickly or​ sometimes even faster than the​ technology they are responsible for investigating.
It is​ an​ interesting aspect of​ technology that is​ often overlooked .​
Computer forensics have been used to​ solve many crimes and should be considered a​ viable tool in​ many ways and the​ study of​ this subject is​ constantly growing along with technology.

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