Social Benefits Of Salsa Dancing

Have you​ ever wanted to​ broaden your​ social circle but wasn’t sure how? The bar scene is​ tired. Shopping malls, grocery stores and​ churches are way too cliché. But have you​ ever thought of​ dancing? Yes, that’s right dancing! Dancing is​ one of​ the best social activities. Actually salsa dancing is​ one of​ the best ways to​ meet people and​ mingle in​ a​ fun, laid back, easy-going environment.

if​ you​ visit any salsa dance club there are all types of​ people of​ all different age groups and​ cultures all coming together to​ have a​ great time. The atmosphere of​ pumping beats, rhythmic dancing cascading across the dance floor while people circle around mingling while having a​ drink is​ addictive!

But even if​ you’ve never stepped foot in​ a​ salsa club or​ a​ salsa dance floor, that’s ok because can help you​ master the basic steps. Even if​ you​ lack the experience of​ a​ trained salsa dancer, salsa clubs are always filled with people who will take you​ by the hand​ and​ show you​ the simplest steps so that you​ can have a​ great time. I know it​ sounds a​ bit hard to​ believe but it’s true. I’ve been to​ salsa clubs many times and​ been asked to​ dance. While I insisted that I was not very good, it​ was always a​ friendly smile saying, “that’s okay, I’ll show you”. Where else can you​ get such gracious, friendly treatment? Definitely not in​ any bar I’ve ever heard been to.

To enjoy salsa dancing you​ only need to​ know a​ few simple steps:

First you​ step forward with your​ right foot and​ back and​ then scissor kick step and​ then back with the right foot. The left and​ right feet interchange but the same pattern of​ movement is​ followed. It’s much easier to​ explain​ in​ video format, that’s why you​ should visit to​ see detailed video footage of​ exactly how it’s done.

But just remember to​ relax, move those hips and​ have fun!

Just dance like no one is​ watching!

Want to​ master the art of​ salsa dancing? Learn everything you​ need to​ know by going to​

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