So You Re Buying A Dog Or Cat Toy Is It For You Or The Pet

Face it,​ you​ like toys. So does your pet. That's because toys are a​ fun source of​ amusement for your pets when you're busy living the​ part of​ your life that doesn't involve leashes and plastic bowls with the​ name "Killer" across the​ side of​ it. Plus proper use of​ toys can keep your pet healthy (and you​ thought they were just good for making fun of​ Bower when he spins out chasing it​ across the​ linoleum). Toys put your pets in​ the​ habit of​ regular exercise as​ well as​ building a​ sense of​ enjoyment that will keep them young. After all,​ a​ playful pet is​ a​ healthy pet.

In fact,​ toys play a​ major and important role in​ emotional and mental development of​ your pet (they may not have the​ same effect for you,​ sorry). They offer a​ great solution for boredom,​ inappropriate chewing and anxiety (and you​ thought you​ had problems).

Now keep in​ mind that just like the​ multitude of​ mood swings your furry friend can have,​ there are a​ multitude of​ toys to​ choose from,​ but hey,​ variety is​ the​ spice of​ life,​ and don't worry,​ when it​ comes to​ picking the​ toy that's right for your pet you​ just need the​ right information from your pet. to​ start with,​ let's say your cat is​ touchy and demands a​ smorgasbord of​ play things,​ the​ message in​ those creepy green cat eyes is​ simple,​ buy cat toy. Dog owners don't worry because dog's always have the​ same idea on​ this as​ the​ cats and it's just as​ simple; buy dog toy.

So just where do you​ do that? you​ will find that smorgasbord of​ pet toys at​ any pet store,​ and they come in​ affordable prices. But before you​ walk in​ like a​ cat-eye hypnotized zombie chanting "buy cat toy" or​ "buy cat toy",​ put some thought into what to​ look for in​ a​ cat or​ dog toy (after all,​ let's be honest,​ you're going to​ play with it​ just as​ much as​ they are). Also,​ don't forget to​ buy dog toy while you're there.

So,​ to​ get you​ started here are a​ few tips to​ keep in​ mind while purchasing;

1. Try to​ buy a​ toy that matches your pet's size,​ not your size.

2. Make sure that there are no dangerous small pieces,​ as​ your pet could try to​ swallow it​ leading to​ choking,​ whereas if​ you​ tried to​ swallow it​ you​ just might feel really weird for the​ next three days.

3. Bones and sticks can splinter and cause choking and vomiting. Actually,​ they can even perforate your pet's mouth and throat (for those of​ you​ not in​ the​ know,​ perforating your throat is​ bad) so use non-splinter chew toys such as​ Nylabone Edible Bones,​ to​ allow your pet to​ gnaw with no fear.

4. Bells can be problematic for birds,​ besides just being really annoying. Use a​ treat dispensing roll toy instead,​ after all,​ food equals fun. on​ that note do not offer any leather toy (if not specially tanned),​ paint or​ any wood preservatives to​ your feathered friend for they can be toxic. So to​ recap,​ food equals fun,​ toxic equals not fun.

5. Cats often enjoy hiding out in​ plastic bags,​ and while you​ are unlikely to​ go to​ the​ pet store for the​ sole purpose of​ buying a​ plastic bag it​ is​ important to​ know because doing so can get their head stuck in​ it's handle,​ leading to​ choking and suffocation,​ so you're better off with a​ treat dispensing roll toy which will not choke or​ suffocate them.

6. When purchasing toys online,​ make sure to​ do a​ price comparison before ordering because many online shops will offer seasonal discounts that you​ can cash in​ on.

And lastly,​ make sure to​ supervise your pet while they play with their toy,​ this will minimize any accidents and then maybe later,​ if​ you​ ask nicely,​ they may even supervise you​ while you​ play with it​ too. Enjoy the​ toy.
So You Re Buying A Dog Or Cat Toy Is It For You Or The Pet So You Re Buying A Dog Or Cat Toy Is It For You Or The Pet Reviewed by Henda Yesti on March 02, 2018 Rating: 5

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