Snoop Dogg The Dogg Father

Snoop Dogg the​ Dogg Father
Snoop Dogg,​ whose real name is​ Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr.,​ is​ an​ American rapper,​ record producer,​ and actor .​
as​ one of​ producer Dr .​
Dre’s most distinguished protégés,​ Snoop Dogg is​ best known for his laid-back,​ slurred,​ and rhythmically-complex lyrical delivery .​
To date,​ Snoop Dogg has sold over 17.6 million copies .​

In his early years,​ as​ a​ member of​ a​ local Crips gang in​ Long Beach,​ Snoop Dogg was in​ and out of​ jail .​
in​ his desire to​ make something of​ himself,​ he began making homemade rap tapes with his cousin Nate Dogg and best friend Warren G,​ stepbrother of​ Dr .​
Dre .​

Snoop Dogg would eventually collaborate with Dr .​
Dre on​ his debut-solo album,​ the​ Chronic .​
Snoop Dogg’s contributions to​ the​ album garnered him much exposure and undoubtedly helped propel his debut album,​ Doggystyle,​ to​ enter U.S .​
music charts at​ #1 .​
the​ album is​ noted as​ being the​ first debut album ever to​ top the​ charts .​

Snoop Dogg’s second album,​ Tha Doggfather,​ released in​ November 1996,​ did not achieve the​ same commercial success as​ his debut album,​ partly due to​ the​ fading of​ gangsta rap’s popularity,​ which stemmed from the​ death of​ Snoop’s friend,​ Tupak Shakur and the​ racketeering indictment of​ Death Row co-founder Suge Knight .​

Since then,​ Snoop Dogg released several more albums,​ including Da Game is​ to​ Be Sold Not to​ Be Told,​ No Limit Top Dogg,​ the​ Last Meal,​ Paid the​ Cost to​ Be da Bo$$,​ R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) the​ Masterpiece,​ all of​ which have gone platinum (over 1 million units sold) .​
Snoop Dogg’s next album,​ the​ Blue Carpet Treatment,​ is​ scheduled to​ be released in​ 2018.
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