Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

If you want to​ find a​ way to​ lose weight faster,​ and you think there is​ nothing new under the​ sun,​ then what I’m about to​ tell you will really make you nod off.

According to​ Dr Kenneth Goodrick at​ Baylor University,​ a​ good night’s sleep is​ a​ vital ingredient for weight loss.

He believes that lack of​ sleep robs people of​ the​ energy they need to​ exercise and sets up a​ vicious low-energy cycle that sabotages your weight loss programme. Often when energy reserves are low,​ people turn to​ high-fat and high-sugar laden foods or​ caffeinated drinks for energy pick-me-ups…all of​ which interfere with weight loss efforts. Some may drink 10 to​ 15 caffeinated beverages a​ day,​ which has a​ adverse effect on​ sleep quality. It’s a​ double whammy.

This is​ not the​ only fascinating connection between sleep and weight gain. Researchers have found there are two hormones involved. Leptin,​ a​ hormone that suppresses appetite,​ and grehlin,​ which increases food intake and is​ thought to​ play a​ role in​ long-term regulation of​ body weight. Sleep deprivation lowers the​ levels of​ leptin and raises levels of​ grehlin. This is​ thought to​ be the​ reason why obese people suffering with sleep apnea often put on​ weight faster than others.

Goodrick says,​ “Sleep is​ a​ time for the​ brain,​ the​ body,​ and all the​ hormones to​ get regulated and restore themselves to​ the​ baseline values for the​ next day. if​ you have caffeine,​ or​ inadequate sleep,​ you don’t have a​ chance for all of​ those restorative processes to​ get finished. So you’re ending not quite fit,​ or​ metabolically where you should be”.

What is​ a​ good night’s sleep? Participants in​ a​ US study who got less than 4 hours of​ sleep each night were 73 percent more likely to​ be obese than those who sleep between 7 and 9 hours a​ night,​ the​ recommended amount. Those who slept only 5 hours each night were 50 percent more likely to​ be overweight,​ and those who slept 6 hours a​ night were 23 percent more likely to​ be overweight.

It’s official,​ for good health we​ all need to​ wake up and get a​ good night’s sleep.

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