Six Essential Factors And One Big Recommendation For Internet Business Success

Six Essential Factors And One Big Recommendation For Internet Business

As the​ interest in​ online affiliate marketing as​ a​ home business opportunity continues to​ increase so many new companies have sprung up in​ the​ hope of​ grabbing their share of​ the​ lucrative profits.

Needless to​ say,​ the​ problem with the​ newer companies is​ that none of​ them has stood the​ test of​ time. From the​ point of​ view of​ someone who is​ considering a​ part-time or​ even a​ full time home-based business that combines the​ power of​ the​ Internet with the​ profit-potential of​ affiliate marketing,​ certain critical factors will need to​ considered when choosing a​ suitable business to​ go with.

The first essential factor to​ consider is​ stability.

Ideally,​ the​ affiliate marketing business you​ choose to​ work with ought to​ have been around for at​ least three or​ four years. Sure,​ new start-ups can be exciting,​ but companies that have been around for an​ extended period of​ time are much safer because they have a​ proven track record of​ stability and have also developed the​ corporate experience and expertise to​ survive for the​ long haul. Simply put,​ the​ longer a​ business has been around,​ the​ more likely it​ is​ to​ stick around. There are enough things to​ be concerned about when building an​ online affiliate marketing business without having to​ think about whether or​ not your company will be around next year.

The second essential factor for you​ to​ consider is​ the​ company leadership.

Factors to​ examine include the​ structure,​ track record,​ and other such internal business factors of​ the​ company. it​ is​ vital that you​ have this information from the​ beginning. the​ person who heads the​ company should be both savvy and honest and should be of​ proven integrity both inside and outside of​ the​ MLM business.

The third factor you​ need to​ consider is​ the​ kind of​ products and services that are promoted by the​ company.

Discover if​ there is​ a​ genuine emphasis on​ promotion of​ the​ product rather than just the​ business opportunity. the​ products should also be competitively priced,​ unique and offer a​ good rate of​ commission to​ its affiliates.
Even if​ your chief aim is​ to​ build team of​ fellow entrepreneurs,​ you​ still need to​ ask yourself whether you​ could run a​ viable business simply by marketing the​ products on​ offer. if​ the​ answer is​ negative then you​ should look elsewhere for your ideal affiliate marketing business.

The fourth factor is​ how a​ particular affiliate business will enable you​ to​ get started. Can you​ enrol online,​ or​ do they require you​ to​ fill out paper forms or​ meet a​ representative? the​ ability to​ sign up online makes the​ whole process a​ lot simpler for you,​ and also for your future team members. Having the​ ability to​ sign up to​ the​ business opportunity free on​ the​ company website will open up your opportunity to​ even more people. Some companies allow people to​ join at​ no charge or​ at​ least take a​ test drive to​ allow them to​ see the​ insides of​ the​ business. Once someone has joined free,​ they have partially committed to​ the​ business.

The fifth factor to​ consider is​ how much of​ the​ business can be automated. More automation is​ definitely a​ better option. That is​ where running a​ home business on​ the​ Internet comes into its own,​ and a​ good affiliate program will take advantage of​ the​ Internet’s ability to​ automate as​ much of​ the​ business as​ possible. Automation not only frees you​ up to​ do other things,​ it​ also enables you​ to​ handle a​ far higher number of​ enquiries at​ the​ same time. the​ parent company should provide you​ with a​ company website which prospects can be dircted to. Prospects should be able to​ contact you​ from that specific page and the​ company should send a​ series of​ follow-up emails that encourage the​ prospect to​ convert into one of​ your customers or​ team members.

Finally,​ you​ also need to​ check out the​ kind of​ training and support that a​ company offers. What degree of​ online training is​ there? is​ there a​ forum where you​ can go and ask questions? Do you​ get video tutorials or​ other online information to​ get you​ started and cover all the​ bases?

As you​ can see,​ there are a​ lot of​ factors to​ consider when you​ search for the​ ideal network marketing company. So is​ there one network company that I could recommend as​ having all of​ the​ factors in​ place that I mentioned in​ this article? is​ there a​ company that has been around long enough to​ prove that it​ is​ a​ solid business opportunity,​ which has a​ strong and motivating leadership,​ a​ good range of​ products,​ a​ lot of​ built in​ automation and is​ easy to​ sign up to​ online?

One company that has all of​ these factors in​ place and more that I recommend for your consideration is​ the​ Plug-In Profits Site,​ or​ PIPS.

PIPS has enjoyed over 7 years of​ growth and is​ now one of​ the​ strongest and most well established work-from home business opportunities available on​ the​ Internet today. PIPS has helped hundreds of​ thousands of​ people to​ start earning money working from home on​ the​ Internet.

The founder of​ PIPS,​ Stone Evans,​ developed the​ business model by finding the​ best and most lucrative affiliate programs on​ the​ internet,​ and building a​ “plug-in profits website” around them. the​ result is​ that today anyone can start making money online from six different income sources without any previous experience of​ Internet marketing.

When you​ sign up with PIPS you​ get a​ customized website which you​ can also add to,​ adapt,​ or​ completely redesign as​ you​ please. the​ site comes with your own domain name and hosting account. the​ site promotes a​ range of​ affiliate products from some of​ the​ best affiliate programs online today,​ famous names such as​ SFI,​ Leisure Audio Books,​ Empowerism,​ Success University,​ Host4Profit and Traffic Swarm.

Thus,​ PIPS offers a​ quick and easy route into network marketing. the​ system enables anyone to​ earn money by working from home on​ the​ Internet.

The PIPS comes complete with some excellent training resources. There is​ the​ comprehensive "30 Days to​ Success Guide" which shows you​ how to​ build your PIPS business and start generating income. Then there are 47 “Newbie Training Videos” that are yours to​ download free as​ soon as​ you​ sign up. They show you​ how to​ set up every aspect on​ an​ Internet business in​ order to​ make money online,​ even if​ you​ are a​ complete beginner.

Also,​ as​ part of​ your PIPS membership you​ get access to​ the​ Internet Marketing Warriors Forum,​ which usually costs $24.95 per month. you​ can get your questions answered by an​ online community of​ friendly and dedicated business associates who are happy to​ share their knowledge and experience with you.

PIPS marketing tools include your own branded copy of​ Stone Evans’ Dotcomology e-book to​ promote as​ a​ freebie to​ giveaway to​ prospects. it​ is​ a​ comprehensive overview of​ how to​ build a​ successful Internet business. you​ also get an​ auto-responder complete with about 400 preloaded newsletters so that you​ can begin promoting your business to​ your list on​ auto-pilot from Day 1.

PIPS is​ a​ genuine online affiliate marketing business which,​ just like any regular offline business,​ requires time,​ effort and commitment. if​ you​ can provide those,​ then PIPS will reward you​ with success in​ the​ forms of​ increasing monthly commissions and residual income. as​ your experience and expertise develops you​ will find yourself in​ the​ happy situation of​ running an​ Internet business from home which meets all the​ essential factors I listed earlier in​ this article,​ and that rewards you​ with outstanding success.

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