Siw Everything You Want To Know About Your Computer

SIW - Everything you want to​ know about your computer
SIW (System Information for Windows) performs computer configuration analysis and diagnostics.
SIW can create a​ report file (CSV,​ HTML,​ TXT or​ XML),​ and is​ able to​ run in​ batch mode (for Asset Management,​ PC Audit,​ Software Inventory and Hardware Inventory,​ Software license compliance).
SIW gives detailed information about your computer properties and settings,​ detailed specs for:
* Software: Operating System,​ Installed Software and Hotfixes,​ Processes,​ Services,​ Users,​ Open Files,​ System Uptime,​ Installed Codecs,​ Licenses.
* Hardware: Motherboard,​ Sensors,​ BIOS,​ CPU,​ chipset,​ PCI/AGP,​ USB and ISA/PnP Devices,​ Memory,​ Video Card,​ Monitor,​ Disk Drives,​ CD/DVD Devices,​ SCSI Devices,​ S.M.A.R.T.,​ Ports,​ Printers.
* Network: Network Cards,​ Network Shares,​ currently active Network Connections,​ Open Ports.
* Tools: Password Recovery,​ Reveal lost passwords hidden behind asterisks,​ Product Keys and Serial Numbers (CD Key),​ MAC Address Changer,​ Shutdown / Restart.
* Real-time monitors: CPU,​ Memory,​ Page File usage and Network Traffic.
SIW is​ a​ standalone utility that does not require installation (Portable Freeware) - one less installed program on​ your PC as​ well the​ fact that you can run the​ program directly from an​ USB flash drive,​ from a​ floppy,​ from a​ network drive or​ from a​ domain login script .​

Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Server 2003/Media Center/Tablet PC/Windows 2003 Server R2/Windows Server 2003 x64/Windows XP x64/Windows Vista/ Vindows Vista x64 / WinRE / Bart PE / Winternals ERD Commander

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