Site Indexing The Most Effective SEO Technique

Site Indexing The Most Effective SEO Technique

Site Indexing - the​ Most Effective SEO Technique

By: Prashant K Shukla

The most effective SEO technique is​ to​ index the​ pages of​ new website. There are lot of​ important issues,​ one should take care. We are providing a​ simple guide steps to​ help you​ in​ this regard.

1. Just design you​ website structure,​ create your content pages (don't worry if​ they are not completed yet) and publish them swiftly. Because,​ the​ process of​ indexing,​ new websites takes about two months. So,​ this technique helps you​ saving time.

2. Since,​ you​ have already designed your web site structure and contents (may be incomplete or​ with minimal info) as​ I said earlier. Now,​ create a​ sitemap for the​ site and submit this to​ Google Sitemap Service. Yahoo has lately created a​ similar service to​ Google Sitemap and so also submits your website to​ it. There are lots of​ online free site map generation services available.

Here are few of​ them,​ you​ may use.

* Create your Google Sitemap Online By: XML Sitemaps
* ROR Sitemap Generator By: ROR Web
* Site Map Builder By: sitemapbuilder

3. Third step is​ to​ submit your website to​ some Open Directory Project; DMOZ is​ good and is​ used as​ basis by many search engines like Google,​ MSN and Alexa. This process again takes several months. So,​ the​ first step plays a​ good here too.

4. There are three major search engines namely Google,​ Yahoo and MSN. Submit all your pages for inclusion in​ these three major search engines and keep submitting your site pages to​ other search engines on​ a​ regular basis. Do it​ manually or​ you​ may use some search engine submission software or​ service which may help you​ by automatic submission.

5. There are lot of​ SEO Friendly Directories on​ the​ web. Some are paid services and some allows free submissions of​ URL. Submit your website to​ these SEO Friendly Directories. All major search engines crawls these Directories frequently. This will help you​ both a​ catalyst for the​ indexing of​ the​ web pages and also move a​ step forward in​ Page rank Building.

6. you​ may start Building links using Reciprocal Link exchange programs. the​ text links should not only point to​ your website homepage but also to​ other pages down in​ the​ website page structure.

7. Posting on​ Google Groups advertising for your website is​ something very helpful in​ building good Page Rank. the​ posts should include at​ least two links to​ your website.

8. Participate in​ topic discussion on​ other sites is​ also a​ great technique to​ make your existence strong and do include your site URL in​ the​ reference section.

Site Indexing The Most Effective SEO Technique

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