Simple 3 Step SEO Plan For Small Businesses

If you're a​ small business with a​ website,​ but no SEO plan,​ you're missing an​ excellent opportunity to​ promote your products or​ services. Plus,​ SEO is​ not very expensive – with a​ moderate amount of​ time and money,​ you​ can start getting traffic from the​ major search engines.

Assuming you're ready to​ start optimizing your website for top rankings on​ Google,​ Google UK,​ Yahoo UK,​ Yahoo,​ MSN,​ etc,​ there are three basic steps you​ should follow in​ your SEO plan.

Step 1 – Choose your keywords.

You first need to​ choose the​ keywords that you​ want to​ rank well for. I'd suggest that you​ start with 3-5 main keywords.

Keep in​ mind that bigger,​ more completive keywords are much harder to​ rank well on. you​ want to​ choose keywords that quite a​ few people search for,​ but that the​ competition is​ low to​ moderate on. you​ can check the​ search volume and competition for a​ keyword with overture. Use Overture's keyword suggestion tool to​ check the​ monthly search volume,​ and the​ bid prices tool to​ check on​ the​ competition. (Generally,​ the​ higher the​ top bids for a​ keyword are,​ the​ more competitive the​ keyword is.)

Step 2 – Optimize your site.

The easiest way to​ optimize the​ pages on​ your site is​ to​ use a​ free tool like WebCEO. This tool will check and analyze your pages according to​ the​ search engine algorithms,​ to​ ensure that you​ have the​ correct keyword density,​ etc,​ for your selected keywords. WebCEO comes with plenty of​ documentation,​ so I won't include instructions in​ this article.

Step 3 – Build links to​ your site.

Building inbound links to​ your site is​ actually the​ most important part of​ SEO. There are many ways to​ build links to​ your site. a​ few of​ the​ best methods are link exchanges,​ directory submissions,​ and article submissions. One could write an​ entire book (in fact,​ many have been written),​ on​ building links,​ so I won't go further into the​ details in​ this article.

If you​ are SEOing for a​ particular country,​ like the​ UK,​ be sure that you​ either have your site hosted in​ that country and / or​ your domain uses that country's extension.

The principles in​ this article should give you​ a​ good start in​ getting the​ knowledge you​ need to​ SEO your site for top search engine rankings. Have fun!

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