Signs That Your Home Computer Is Infected By Spyware Or Adware

There are a​ number of​ indicators you can watch for which will suggest that your computer has been infected by spyware or​ adware. Please note that some of​ the​ symptoms listed below are not unique to​ just a​ spyware or​ an​ adware infection.

1) PC Performance – Both Spyware and adware consume your PC’s resource like computer memory. a​ bad spyware infection could dramatically slow your computer’s performance including causing your system’s to​ become increasingly unstable. Spyware also can affect your internet connection speed as​ it​ takes up bandwidth to​ communicate information back to​ its creator.

2) Pop up Ads – it​ is​ highly likely that your computer is​ infected by Adware if​ you notice more pop up ads appearing than usual. in​ some cases pop ads start appearing on​ the​ desktop even if​ you have not opened a​ web browser. Alternatively,​ search results may appear in​ a​ pop up or​ another browser window relative to​ the​ website you are visiting or​ keyword term you have typed into a​ search engine.

3) Browser Toolbars – These programs are commonly bundled with free software which the​ publisher often describes as​ “advertiser supported.” the​ toolbar then feeds adverts based on​ the​ website you visit. They are usually very difficult to​ uninstall. “180 Search Assistant” and “Huntbar” are example programs.

4) Browser Settings – Your internet favourites or​ bookmarks and start page are two main settings which are targeted by spyware authors. Web sites are inserted into your list of​ internet favourites in​ the​ hope that you will visit them. Browser hijackers change the​ start page which is​ visited when the​ browser loads. Any unexpected change to​ your start page is​ a​ sign of​ infection.

5) Start Up Programs – Some spyware variants will try to​ add themselves to​ your Windows start up program list. if​ you boot up time becomes noticeably slower then review your program start up list to​ check for applications you are not familiar with and remove them. This program list can be review using the​ “MS Config” option from the​ Windows XP Run command.

6) Software Failure – a​ spyware infection can cause some of​ your programs to​ crash or​ stop working. in​ particular watch if​ your Internet Explorer browser refuses to​ work all of​ a​ sudden.

7) Hosts File Changes – the​ Hosts File is​ a​ Windows file that maps the​ numerical IP Address to​ the​ Host Name very much like the​ address book on​ your cell phone “maps” your friend’s name to​ their telephone number. Some spyware programs can change these setting so that when you type in​ “” for example you are re-directed the​ spyware author’s website.

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