Shut The Door Buddy Simple Dog Tricks To Teach And Impress

The shutting and opening door trick can be taught to​ all dog breeds. the​ only consideration maybe would be asking small size dogs to​ close large or​ heavy doors which are beyond their physical capabilities.

In teaching this trick select a​ door that swings easily on​ its hinges; drive a​ nail,​ or​ simply stick with double sided a​ makeshift hook on​ your door at​ such a​ distance above the​ floor that the​ dog can just reach it​ by standing on​ his hind legs with his forefeet resting against the​ door.

Open the​ door a​ few inches,​ place a​ small piece of​ treat on​ the​ hook and call your dog’s attention to​ it,​ saying “Shut the​ door.” in​ reaching for the​ treat the​ dog will place his forefeet on​ the​ door and this will close it. if​ preferable the​ treat can be balanced on​ the​ door handle,​ and shutting the​ door will jar it​ to​ the​ floor,​ when he should be allowed to​ eat it​ and be petted and praised.

After be has done this a​ few times you​ can advance him in​ his lessons by placing the​ treat in​ position while he is​ in​ another room,​ then call him in​ and say “Shut the​ door,​” directing him toward it,​ and if​ he does not go,​ show him the​ treat and encourage him to​ get it. in​ time he will understand the​ order and will close any door that is​ shown to​ him.

Finally,​ teach him to​ close the​ door without having any reward in​ sight,​ but after he shuts it​ in​ response to​ your command reward him with a​ treat. in​ the​ first lessons you​ need not be particular about having the​ door closed tight,​ but in​ later stages,​ insist upon its being done before any reward is​ given.

Dogs can be taught easily to​ open swinging doors,​ but opening fastened doors is​ a​ much more difficult act,​ and is​ possible only with those that have the​ easiest and simplest latches.

To teach a​ dog to​ open a​ swinging door call his attention to​ it​ and push it​ open at​ the​ bottom. Do this a​ number of​ times every day for several days,​ then go through the​ door,​ closing it​ after you,​ and leave your dog on​ the​ other side; call him and he will soon learn to​ push the​ door open in​ order to​ reach you.

To teach a​ dog to​ open a​ latch,​ hold the​ dog up to​ it​ and push it​ back with his paw,​ and say “open door” to​ associate this trick with this command and continue to​ give him practice in​ this way until he will push it​ back without your assistance.

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