Show A Little Love With Homemade Dog Treats

Dogs aren't just pets anymore; they're part of​ the​ family! And what better way to​ show that you​ love them by baking up a​ batch of​ homemade dog treats? It's time to​ put on​ your dog-themed oven mitts,​ pre-heat your oven,​ and get ready to​ make your dog very,​ very happy!

Dog Treats Follow Trend

Today dogs sleep in​ our beds,​ ride shotgun in​ our cars,​ and come with us on​ vacation. as​ the​ trend to​ pamper our pooches grows,​ so does the​ popularity of​ gourmet dog treats. Owners are more concerned with what their dogs are eating,​ and commercial brands of​ dog biscuits sold in​ supermarkets are being replaced by healthier alternatives. Many homemade dog treats are made with all-natural,​ human-grade products and are healthy,​ nice to​ look at,​ and delicious. in​ addition,​ owners feel great when they show their love and concern by making their own dog treats; we all know the​ way to​ a​ dog's heart is​ through his stomach! Homemade dog treats are a​ good alternative to​ supermarket brands for pets who have allergies or​ other dietary concerns.

Show Me the​ Biscuit

You don't need to​ be an​ experienced baker to​ make your own dog treats,​ nor do you​ need fancy ingredients. Chances are,​ most of​ what you​ need is​ already in​ your pantry. Feel free to​ experiment a​ bit and have some fun! Mix and bake your dog treats like regular cookies,​ but take out the​ sugar and add ingredients such as​ vegetables,​ chicken or​ beef bouillon,​ or​ peanut butter. You'll most likely want to​ make your homemade dog treats a​ little thicker than the​ typical cookie,​ so be sure to​ increase the​ baking time. When your homemade dog treats are done,​ guaranteed someone you​ know (your dog,​ of​ course!) will be willing and eager to​ test them for you. Keep track of​ his favorites!

Not feeling overly creative? That's okay. you​ can still make your own homemade dog treats. There are books devoted to​ the​ subject in​ pet stores,​ gift shops,​ or​ on​ the​ internet. you​ can also find information and recipes on​ dog-related web sites,​ and through chat rooms and blogs devoted to​ man's best friend. Dog treat cookie cutters in​ fun shapes are also available in​ pet stores and online.

Everything in​ Moderation

Chances are your dog will go wild over his homemade dog treats,​ and that will make you​ feel great! It's hard not to​ spoil your dog when he's so appreciative,​ but keep in​ mind that dog treats should make up no more than 10 percent of​ your dog's daily diet. Also make sure to​ watch the​ fat content in​ your dog's treats,​ and stay on​ the​ safe side by sticking to​ lower-fat versions. if​ you​ are modifying human cookie recipes,​ make sure to​ never use chocolate,​ onions,​ raisins,​ grapes,​ or​ macadamia nuts in​ your dog treats,​ as​ these ingredients are all highly toxic to​ dogs.

Have fun,​ be creative,​ and remember,​ homemade dog treats are the​ perfect way to​ tell your dog you​ love him!

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