Should You Take Your Dog On Vacation

Should You Take Your Dog On Vacation

Should you​ Take Your Dog on​ Vacation?
Crisp mountain air,​ wide open fields,​ and clear crystal lakes all present a​ fantastic vacation picture for man and his dog .​
The opportunities for bonding over fresh fish are difficult for the​ dog lover and nature enthusiast to​ pass up .​
Unfortunately,​ not all vacations are as​ canine friendly as​ this one .​
The image of​ that same dog that would have so happily loped across the​ beach confined to​ a​ hotel room in​ New York City or​ in​ a​ car for three days on​ a​ coast to​ coast road trip is​ not nearly as​ appealing .​
If you​ are planning on​ taking a​ vacation in​ a​ spot that would be unsuitable for your pet,​ it​ may be wise to​ consider boarding them while you​ are away.

Hundreds of​ boarding kennels are in​ operation across the​ country .​
The staff at​ these facilities have made an​ occupation out of​ their love for animals and would be happy to​ provide a​ temporary home for your canine companion .​
Anywhere from ten to​ one hundred dogs may be in​ residence at​ any given point in​ time,​ depending on​ the​ size of​ the​ facility,​ and costs vary by location .​
The kennel will provide feeding dishes,​ bedding,​ toys and a​ place to​ sleep for the​ duration of​ your pet's stay .​
As with many child care facilities,​ dogs are often asked not to​ bring their personal possessions with them in​ order to​ avoid the​ eventuality of​ them being stolen or​ damaged .​
All grooming equipment and supplies will also be provided..

The daily routine of​ a​ boarding kennel will include feeding on​ a​ regular schedule (if your dog has specific nutritional needs this should be discussed with the​ director prior to​ placing your dog),​ grooming services,​ including but not limited to​ shampooing,​ nail clipping,​ and cleaning of​ eyes and ears,​ and scheduled and unscheduled rest times for the​ dogs,​ as​ needed .​
Plenty of​ play time is​ provided,​ with one on​ one time with the​ staff,​ independent play and group activities with the​ other pets in​ residence .​
Some kennels may provide time with a​ trainer as​ well; however,​ this is​ not guaranteed and should be discussed with the​ program director.

A good kennel should have a​ vet on​ call at​ all times,​ as​ well as​ trained staff to​ deal with any emergencies .​
When selecting a​ kennel,​ be sure to​ thoroughly check out the​ facilities firsthand .​
The animals should have plenty of​ personal sleeping space in​ an​ area where they are protected from the​ elements,​ as​ well as​ room to​ play inside and out .​
The grounds should be free of​ litter and waste,​ as​ well as​ any potential dangers to​ the​ dogs .​
This should include poisonous plants,​ sharp objects,​ or​ any electrical hazards .​

Your local veterinarian should be able to​ assist you​ in​ finding a​ high quality boarding kennel in​ your area,​ or​ you​ can contact the​ American Boarding Kennels Association .​
Once you​ have located a​ good boarding facility you​ can enjoy your vacation,​ secure in​ the​ knowledge that your pet is​ being well cared for.

Should You Take Your Dog On Vacation

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