Shape Up And Have Fun Losing Weight

Whether your next season is​ Spring or​ Autumn,​ a​ change in​ season is​ a​ great time to​ renew your commitment to​ weight management and shape up and have fun doing so!

Who said losing weight needs to​ be boring! No so. Here are three fantastic calorie consuming activities that are most enjoyable in​ the​ cooler seasons,​ but somewhat impractical for most people in​ the​ height of​ winter and summer months.

Spring is​ the​ perfect time to​ get into the​ garden before the​ hot days of​ summer. if​ you are just finishing your summer,​ now is​ the​ perfect time to​ do all those last minute pruning and weeding that was just too hot to​ do a​ few weeks ago. There's nothing like gardening to​ help tone muscles and burn up additional calories.

Weekend Rambling - forget sleepy Sundays,​ get out and about on​ a​ walk with family and friends. Find an​ opening and play some lively games like football,​ frisbee or​ cricket!

Walking Holiday - if​ you normally take 'lazy beach breaks' it's time for a​ change. There are so many beautiful places to​ visit that you may never have considered before. Get out and explore....and your legs will get a​ terrific tone-up!

Why Not.... Participate in​ vigorous voluntary work. Give a​ few hours a​ week to​ a​ good cause. There are plenty of​ charities that need help with gardening and odd jobs such as​ painting,​ handiwork and maintenance.

Spend more time playing with the​ kids in​ the​ garden. Forego hotel niceties and enjoy weekends away camping. Take up action cricket or​ soccer and meet new people in​ the​ process.

Get the​ bikes out for a​ regular leisurely ride or​ if​ you feel more energetic,​ join a​ cycling club.

Start today! if​ you focus on​ having energetic fun,​ you'll lose weight effortlessly!

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