Seven Steps To A Healthier Bank Balance With A Debt Consolidation Loan

Seven Steps to​ a​ Healthier Bank Balance With a​ Debt Consolidation Loan
If your debts are getting you​ down then you​ can’t afford to​ ignore the​ option of​ taking out a​ debt consolidation loan to​ help you​ sort out your financial situation. in​ this case scenario you​ basically take out a​ personal loan that is​ big enough to​ pay off all of​ your existing debts. you​ then have one loan to​ repay at​ better interest rates and most importantly you​ have a​ specific target date when all of​ your debts will be repaid. So,​ if​ you​ think that this could be the​ ideal solution for you,​ then read through our Seven Step guide for further information.
Step One Be honest about your debts
First of​ all you​ need to​ look at​ your financial situation and see how bad it​ really is. if​ you​ find that you​ are currently only making minimum repayments on​ the​ money you​ owe because you​ can’t afford to​ pay off more then a​ debt consolidation loan may be your only answer before things get worse.
Step Two Look at​ where your debts come from
If,​ like most people with debt problems,​ you​ find that most of​ the​ money you​ owe is​ on​ credit and/or charge cards then you​ should change your situation as​ soon as​ you​ can. Borrowing money on​ plastic is​ expensive at​ the​ very least and can make it​ really hard to​ repay the​ money you​ owe. if​ you​ don’t repay a​ credit card balance in​ full every month then a​ lump of​ interest will be added to​ the​ money you​ already owe so your debts may grow a​ lot quicker than you​ can cope with them.
Step Three Make the​ decision to​ sort yourself out
It’s not hard to​ get help to​ sort out your finances no matter how dire you​ may feel that they are. But you​ won’t get anywhere fast unless you​ yourself are committed to​ getting your finances in​ order. if​ you’re looking at​ a​ debt consolidation loan as​ a​ solution then make sure that you​ get one that will cover all of​ your debts first of​ all so that you​ will be working with a​ clean slate. And,​ if​ you​ owe a​ lot on​ credit cards,​ then make sure that you​ get rid of​ them or​ at​ least most of​ them once you’ve used your consolidation loan to​ pay off your balances. You’ll never get out of​ the​ debt spiral if​ you​ use a​ debt consolidation loan to​ get yourself a​ clean slate but then just carry on​ spending and build up new debts.
Step Four Decide on​ the​ loan that’s right for you
Your next stage is​ to​ work out what kind of​ debt consolidation loan will suit you​ best. you​ might,​ for example,​ simply opt for a​ general personal loan or​ you​ may prefer a​ specialist package. if​ you’re a​ home owner you​ can take out a​ secured loan to​ get hold of​ lower rates or,​ if​ you​ prefer and/or don’t own a​ property,​ then you​ can take out an unsecured loan instead.
Step Five Work out what you​ can afford
You’ll already have calculated how much you​ owe at​ this stage. Now you​ need to​ assess how much you​ can pay back. All you​ need to​ do here is​ to​ work out a​ simple monthly budget planner. to​ do this write down your salary/incomings after tax and then take away your outstanding financial commitments. These shouldn’t include the​ existing debts that you​ want to​ get rid of​ but should include other costs such as​ mortgage/rent,​ council tax,​ bills,​ food and living/entertainment expenses. Basically,​ when you’ve worked this all out you’ll have an idea of​ how much disposable income you​ have left to​ spend on​ a​ consolidation loan. you​ may well have to​ tighten your belt here to​ have enough left to​ start with but it’s better to​ economise now than to​ let debt take over your life.
Step Six Find the​ cheapest option
It’s vital to​ make sure that you​ get the​ best deal you​ can for a​ debt consolidation loan from the​ point of​ view of​ interest rates. This means that your monthly repayments will be lower and you’ll pay back less overall in​ interest. So,​ don’t clutch at​ the​ first loan you​ come across but do some ground work first. There are loads of​ sites on​ the​ Internet that can help you​ find and compare loan rates for this kind of​ loan. Some can even guide you​ through the​ application and acceptance process.
Step Seven Don’t take your foot off the​ pedal till you​ get there
Finally,​ you​ need to​ keep your eye on​ the​ ball after you’ve sorted your situation out. Debt consolidation loans really can take the​ pressure off your finances and it’s easy to​ forget how stressful your financial situation once was when you’ve found this solution. You’ll know,​ for example,​ that there is​ an end in​ sight and that you​ will be on​ track to​ repay the​ money you​ owe at​ the​ end of​ your loan period. you​ may even have more disposable cash to​ play with every month because repaying this kind of​ loan is​ cheaper than repaying lots of​ little debts on​ cards and so forth. But,​ don’t be tempted to​ start spending wildly again. a​ lot of​ consumers sort themselves out with a​ debt consolidation option only to​ mess up their finances again because they don’t sort out their spending habits. Make sure you​ don’t join their ranks!
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