Seven Common SEO Mistakes

Seven Common SEO Mistakes

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most of​ your quality traffic comes from search engines,​ therefore when building a​ website it​ is​ important to​ know the​ hints,​ tips and tricks that will give you​ better placement in​ the​ search engines. Mistakes can actually hurt your site in​ the​ search engines without you​ even realizing it. I have come across a​ number of​ websites in​ which beginners not yet familiar with search engine optimization make the​ same common mistakes.

Are you​ making these seven common mistakes too?

1. Irrelevant keywords: Many webmasters use irrelevant Keywords. Be sure to​ choose the​ right keywords that relate to​ your company. Be specific. Think about the​ words that web surfers will be typing to​ find your website. Inventory overture keyword selector Tool is​ one of​ the​ best-known services for helping you​ choose the​ right keywords. Use Inventory overture keyword selector Tool to​ find what people are actually typing in​ to​ the​ search engines.

2. No back links: Back links are extremely important to​ your website's rankings,​ therefore this should be one of​ your main priorities. the​ easiest way to​ get back links is​ to​ ask for them. Visit sites related to​ your website and request a​ link exchange.

3. Bad web design: Design mistakes can hurt your website. a​ mistake that I found many new webmasters making is​ they are not building their website to​ ensure that it​ appears correctly at​ different screen resolutions. Your website will be the​ first impression and remember that first impressions are everything. Can you​ afford to​ loose visitors because your website isn’t viewing correctly on​ their monitor? I for one use a​ screen resolution of​ 800 x 600. if​ you​ design your site to​ be viewable only by a​ screen resolution of​ 1024 x 768,​ I have an​ annoying horizontal scroll bar at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ page and I have to​ scroll horizontally,​ just to​ see the​ entire content of​ your page. That right there is​ a​ turn off. There are many other web design mistakes,​ but we’ll cover that in​ another article.

4. Overuse of​ images and flash animations/ having too many graphics on​ your page: While graphics and flash may be pleasing to​ the​ eyes,​ too many graphics won't help you​ get a​ better ranking. in​ fact Google and other search engines cannot read the​ content of​ an​ image. Flash only pages have no text; therefore there is​ nothing for the​ search engines to​ read.

5. Not utilizing your Title Tag: Title Tags are really important for search engines. a​ common mistake that I see many new webmasters making is​ that they leave the​ title tag empty or​ use irrelevant words.

Your title tag is​ the​ first thing a​ search engine's spider sees on​ your page. you​ shouldn't put only your company name in​ the​ title tag,​ but ad keywords about your company. Use Inventory overture keyword selector Tool to​ find related keywords.

6. No alt attribute in​ tags: as​ I stated above,​ search engines cannot spider images. Therefore the​ alt image tag helps the​ search engines understand the​ subject of​ the​ image. Be sure to​ include the​ alt attribute with every image.

7. Bad anchor ext: Whatever you​ do,​ don’t use "click here" or​ other non-descriptive link text. I’m guilty of​ this one myself. Proper anchor text can help your ranking. Your anchor text should describe the​ page that you’re linking to. For example if​ you’re linking to​ this article,​ your anchor text might read,​ “Seven Common SEO Mistakes by Rose DesRochers” instead of​ “Click Here to​ read this article.” Anchor text is​ extremely important to​ your ranking.

These are just a​ few of​ the​ most common mistakes that you​ should avoid making. These SEO mistakes may be the​ main reason why your site is​ failing to​ rank well in​ the​ search engines.

Be sure to​ optimize your website for both search engines and people. Search engine optimization is​ hard work and an​ ongoing process. Invest a​ little time and learn the​ proper techniques and not only will your traffic come,​ but you'll increase your page rank.

Does your site contain any of​ these mistakes? For more tips,​ tricks and hints to​ help you​ get the​ full potential of​ your site join Our SEO experts are ready to​ help you​ get the​ best out of​ your website.

Seven Common SEO Mistakes

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