SEO Writing SEO For A Living

SEO Writing SEO For A Living

Sometimes if​ you​ get good enough at​ writing SEO you​ start considering doing it​ for a​ living. Be warned however --this is​ not a​ career for people who are perfectionist or​ who see it​ as​ a​ way to​ having a​ reputation as​ an​ expert advertising copywriter.

If you​ want to​ research the​ SEO writing market go to​ the​ big writing auction sites like Elance and Guru. This will give you​ a​ good idea of​ the​ low pay involved in​ such a​ career. you​ will also notice that the​ individuals with the​ least feedback and work on​ there are those that have the​ idea that they will be selling high quality writing on​ the​ Internet. This is​ not the​ market nowadays.

Lower priced writing that is​ done for cheap is​ what most business people on​ the​ Internet are willing to​ pay for. Most of​ them are likely to​ have less education then you​ and also have no real idea what great writing is. Great writing,​ which is​ what the​ mass majority of​ Americans,​ which have a​ Grade Four Reading level,​ can read. So this is​ not really the​ arena to​ start writing like Shakespeare.

For instance on​ Elance there are many writers from the​ United States stuck in​ off-line world prices for their work from 1988. you​ see them bidding for jobs at​ a​ dollar a​ word. However the​ going price is​ more like a​ cent a​ word and they have no idea that the​ market has changed to​ favor outsourcing from India. They have nothing to​ offer a​ client of​ value except for a​ resume dripping with obsolete education. Unfortunately what they teach you​ as​ an​ English major is​ not the​ skill set that you​ need to​ please the​ client who wants SEO articles done.

If you​ truly are a​ great talent then take yourself to​ an​ offline agency that may be able to​ place you​ in​ the​ right writing job for the​ right price. SEO writing is​ not for those who can’t tolerate mediocrity as​ often-bad grammar and misspelled words are actually part of​ achieving this type of​ content.

SEO Writing SEO For A Living

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