SEO Why Traffic Exchanges Are Out Of Style

SEO Why Traffic Exchanges Are Out Of Style

Traffic exchanges used to​ be a​ hot buzz word when it​ came to​ search engine optimization but not the​ entire concept is​ out of​ style. These were sites that used guarantee a​ certain number of​ visitors to​ your blog or​ web page. Usually they will guarantee a​ number in​ the​ hundreds or​ the​ thousands. There are both free traffic exchanges and one that you​ pay for on​ a​ sliding scale. the​ idea is​ that you​ buy this lump of​ visitors to​ your site in​ a​ package that is​ priced accordingly ($10,​000 visitors for $40 for example). Most of​ these companies also guarantee a​ viewing of​ your site for free.

These sounds like a​ deal but of​ course there is​ a​ hitch. For each visitor that views your blog you​ have to​ view someone else’s blog in​ the​ same way.

Here is​ how the​ free version of​ this works -- When you​ register your blog on​ a​ traffic exchange,​ you​ will be asked to​ create an​ account and be given a​ code. Each time you​ visit someone else’s blog,​ you​ earn credits to​ your account. a​ timer measures the​ twenty or​ thirty seconds that you​ must remain looking at​ the​ other blog. After times up you​ enter a​ code that moves you​ to​ the​ next site. the​ more blogs you​ visit the​ more visitors your blog receives.

Another drawback to​ using traffic exchanges is​ many of​ them do not give you​ a​ one to​ one credit for viewing other blogs. Usually you​ would have to​ visit 20 sites to​ get 10 visits to​ your own site. Obviously this can be time consuming because you​ only get as​ much traffic as​ you​ care to​ visit. One way to​ optimize this type of​ time is​ to​ consider it​ research and see if​ there is​ anyway of​ linking to​ the​ blogs that you​ must visit. Many of​ these traffic exchanges also have surplus traffic that they will sell you​ for as​ little as​ a​ cent per visitor. This is​ how you​ can end up spending ten dollars to​ earn a​ thousand visitors. the​ problem is​ that these visitors are in​ no way targeted to​ your blog.

SEO Why Traffic Exchanges Are Out Of Style

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