SEO Why Submitting To The Big Indexes Is Good Seo

The big indexes such as​ Yahoo,​ Open Directory and are the​ best places for people to​ find you. However applying to​ be listed in​ them can be a​ bit of​ a​ federal case. Still despite all the​ red tape,​ proper submission to​ these indexes is​ crucial because there is​ a​ pronounced trend towards using "human-edited" indexes in​ search results. in​ particular,​ many of​ the​ major search engines are starting to​ use Open Directory index listings in​ their search results,​ making it​ the​ second most important place to​ list your site,​ right behind Yahoo's directory.

Another thing to​ consider is​ that more and more search engines are using link-popularity as​ a​ ranking method (Google is​ the​ originator of​ this technique). Under this system the​ ranking of​ your site depends on​ how many other pages link to​ yours,​ and how essential the​ search engine thinks these links are. That means that a​ secondary benefit of​ getting a​ link on​ major indexes is​ that it​ can improve your ranking on​ some really big search engines. For example,​ getting your site listed in​ Yahoo! And in​ the​ Open Directory can seriously boost your page ranking on​ Google.

Before you​ go to​ submit to​ one of​ the​ major indexes,​ please take the​ time to​ find and read their submission guidelines,​ advice and limitations. it​ sounds so simple but actually it​ is​ harder to​ get listed on​ the​ big indexes then one would think. This is​ because neither Yahoo nor the​ Open Directory Project is​ very concerned with accepting just any old crap in​ their index. Also decisions about what is​ allowed to​ be listed in​ their pages are often made by humans who can tell even better than an​ algorithm if​ a​ web master is​ trying to​ pull the​ wool over their eyes with some crafty black hat SEO.

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