SEO Why Site Width Matters

Many search engine optimization efforts are focused on​ pushing the​ home page of​ a​ site. This is​ a​ fundamental mistake that can result in​ the​ site missing out on​ a​ lot of​ traffic.

Go Wide,​ Young Man

In nearly every case,​ a​ site should be designed to​ draw traffic through both the​ home page and various internal pages. Home pages,​ obviously,​ can be tailored to​ the​ primary keyword phrases you​ are seeking,​ but don’t forget the​ minor pages.

I always find it​ odd when people ask which keyword phrase they should try to​ optimize for on​ their site. They become a​ bit flummoxed when I tell them to​ optimize for all of​ them. the​ only question is​ which keywords should appear on​ which pages.

For example,​ the​ site sells writing journals for outdoor activities such as​ fly fishing,​ traveling,​ hiking,​ bird watching and so on. So,​ which of​ these subjects should be used as​ the​ keyword phrase for the​ home page? None! Instead,​ the​ generic term “writing journals” was chosen. But what about the​ specific journal subjects?

The individual pages on​ the​ site promoting each journal are optimized for the​ specific product. the​ fly fishing journal page is​ optimized for fly fishing keywords,​ the​ travel page for travel keywords and so on. the​ end result of​ this is​ the​ home page is​ appearing high in​ “writing journals” search results,​ while each of​ the​ internal journal pages are also appearing high.

This can often lead to​ an​ interesting visitor situation. as​ you​ review your server stats,​ you​ may start noting a​ majority of​ your traffic is​ coming in​ through internal site pages,​ not the​ home page. in​ the​ above Nomad Journals scenario,​ the​ travel journal page far outdraws the​ home page,​ which makes for a​ nice revenue increase.

The home page of​ a​ site is​ critical in​ a​ search engine optimization campaign. Just keep in​ mind it​ isn’t the​ only page that can draw free traffic and revenues to​ your site.
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