SEO Why Linking To Other Peoples Images Is A Bad Idea

SEO Why Linking To Other Peoples Images Is A Bad Idea

Hosting images that originate from another’s server is​ a​ bit of​ a​ touchy subject when it​ comes to​ blogging. Sometimes you​ may find an​ image that you​ like and simply link to​ the​ picture where it​ exists. This allows it​ to​ show up on​ your page but be hosted by the​ other site’s server.

Some sites are okay with this and others take great exception,​ sometimes changing the​ image from their side to​ read,​ “This person is​ stealing my bandwidth.” This happens when others click on​ it​ and can help destroy your good reputation. This also means that they are being charged by their host for allowing you​ to​ display your image.

Usually this type of​ link is​ not noticed until your website traffic starts to​ grow and the​ bandwidth usage on​ the​ other site increases. the​ solution to​ avoiding an​ ugly dispute and possibly lots of​ technical hassles is​ to​ host images on​ your own server. of​ course to​ host images in​ this way you​ need to​ own your own domain and host the​ blog from there. the​ problem with many online free blogs is​ they do not allow you​ to​ host images on​ their servers and will set up their image uploading system so that someone else always hosts the​ images. This can make you​ a​ lot of​ enemies.

The solution is​ to​ own your own blog and host the​ images yourself. This practice can also help you​ avoid your pages from loading slowly which easily turns off a​ reader who may be a​ potential customer! Most domain hosts supply you​ with enough bandwidth so that you​ can sustain the​ publishing of​ your own visuals.

Of course to​ eliminate this type of​ conundrum the​ best thing to​ do is​ to​ stay away from visuals unless they can be linked to​ something on​ one of​ your own sites. Linking to​ an​ image that belongs to​ someone else is​ very problematic in​ general.

SEO Why Linking To Other Peoples Images Is A Bad Idea

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