SEO Why Entertaining People Is Good Seo

SEO Why Entertaining People Is Good Seo

Anything that attracts visitors to​ your website is​ considered to​ be good SEO. the​ fact is​ that people love interactive sites. This appeals to​ both their instincts to​ graze and play. Horoscopes,​ games,​ live audio,​ music,​ chat rooms,​ diaries,​ blogs,​ videos and any kind of​ interactive gimmick gives the​ people want they want. They also like things such as​ budget calculators,​ web tools,​ schedulers,​ alarm clocks and any kind of​ interactive wizard.

Sometimes you​ have to​ design this material yourself,​ but most of​ the​ time you​ can find this kind of​ Internet plug in​ gadget by searching for them on​ the​ web. Many web hosts also offer free gadgetry that is​ designed to​ amuse your visitors.

Also,​ depending on​ the​ nature of​ your business you​ might be lucky enough to​ find an​ affiliate who will supply you​ with templates or​ html that can put the​ appropriate flash animation or​ interactive game or​ quiz on​ your site. an​ example of​ his kind of​ tool in​ action is​ at​ That is​ an​ interactive Tarot reading site that can be downloaded onto a​ psychic site.

If your site is​ designed to​ be like a​ seminar or​ a​ journal then you​ can also use such devices as​ the​ video clip of​ the​ day,​ the​ song of​ the​ day or​ the​ audio feed of​ the​ day.

The only drawback to​ search engine optimizing your site in​ this way is​ that sometimes if​ you​ use too many flash animations or​ visuals many pages on​ your website can be read as​ blank pages by the​ search engines. This can result in​ penalization as​ it​ the​ spiders automatically see it​ as​ being an​ incomplete or​ unfinished site that is​ not yet ready to​ be indexed or​ catalogued for the​ purposes of​ ranking in​ the​ search engine pages.

SEO Why Entertaining People Is Good Seo

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