SEO White Hat Success Or Black Hat Exclusion

SEO White Hat Success Or Black Hat Exclusion

In the​ process of​ trying to​ gain popularity and bring in​ more business,​ there are some companies that look at​ adopting some of​ the​ common modes of​ leveraging through Search engine optimization. This might help them or​ back fire and lead to​ their site getting black listed from the​ index. So,​ at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ it​ really does not matter how good or​ bad their site is,​ but what means they adopt to​ increase traffic.

The two methodologies available for SEO is​ White hat SEO or​ Black Hat SEO. the​ names might sound confusing,​ but they are modes through which people attract visitors to​ the​ page. One of​ this is​ ethical while the​ other is​ unethical and considered similar to​ cheating. So,​ when an​ individual or​ organisation is​ desperate for some visibility,​ they might adopt this mode,​ which unfortunately leads them to​ trouble.

White hat is​ the​ direct way of​ search engine marketing and mode of​ internet marketing through which the​ user follows guidelines. They use techniques approved by the​ Search engines. By tweaking the​ website,​ or​ adding some extra words that might attract attention,​ the​ user will rely on​ links,​ or​ Pay per click management to​ increase their traffic. There are no tricks or​ shortcuts used here; the​ content of​ the​ page is​ created to​ serve the​ user with information and not just for the​ SEO benefit. Also called organic search listings,​ these sites rely on​ their own strengths rather than manipulating the​ system.

On the​ other hand,​ black hat SEO is​ a​ route less preferred because it​ leads to​ banning of​ the​ website if​ discovered. Here,​ the​ owner of​ the​ site might have put in​ content just so they lure search engines. it​ could be text hidden in​ the​ back drop,​ or​ placed off the​ screen. it​ is​ also called spamdex,​ and is​ unethical,​ not approved by the​ search engines either. Cloaking or​ invisible text are also used in​ these sites to​ lure customers to​ come over to​ their portal. Here,​ the​ user is​ trying to​ con the​ search engine into believing their website has relevant text when a​ keyword is​ entered and so tries to​ increase the​ ranking of​ that portal. Search engine optimization through this method will lead to​ expulsion and loss of​ rank of​ the​ particular website from the​ index and it​ will not be shown in​ the​ results displayed on​ the​ search engines.

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