SEO Where To Find Hot Niche Keywords

If you're interested in​ creating "niche sites" and want to​ see the​ top ten lists and top 50 lists that describe what people are interested in​ on​ the​ Internet check out these helpful web tools online. it​ is​ also possible to​ buy lists off the​ Internet.

Lycos 50 Daily Report: This site gives you​ the​ top 50 search terms as​ well as​ the​ top 50 sites that are being viewed for a​ 24 hour period This may give you​ some inspiration as​ to​ what types of​ sites and keywords might attract buyers in​ the​ future. One caveat is​ that the​ keyword or​ topic that is​ most popular today is​ not necessarily the​ most popular one for tomorrow. Using your gut instincts and marketing savvy is​ still necessary to​ determine the​ next big thing.

MetaCrawler: - This site gives you​ the​ top searched sites in​ both a​ filtered (family friendly) and filtered modes. These show you​ what searches are happening in​ real time so you​ can pick up on​ hot and popular trends. Like the​ Lycos 50 site you​ need to​ be a​ good predictor of​ trends once you​ know the​ present trends.

These keyword sites can help you​ decide what is​ hot,​ not only in​ terms of​ products but also in​ terms of​ creating an​ informational site. Many Internet marketers build entire sites around one popular key word. Remember that you​ want to​ use the​ keywords that are used the​ most often by web users to​ determine the​ nature of​ an​ informational product or​ a​ new site but you​ don’t want to​ necessarily use them as​ your keywords in​ your copy. the​ number of​ times a​ term is​ searched in​ a​ month is​ defined as​ keyword popularity and a​ word that is​ too popular in​ terms of​ copy is​ not good for business as​ it​ brings traffic but not necessarily buyers to​ your site.
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