SEO What They Dont Know

SEO What They Dont Know

In marriage you​ try to​ learn everything you​ can about the​ other person so you​ can determine how best to​ interact with them,​ relate to​ their needs and help them learn something more about you. It’s not quite like dating because when you​ date you​ often try to​ put your best face forward. Marriage often reveals those little flaws that are part of​ the​ human makeup.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is​ a​ bit like marriage in​ that you​ attempt to​ learn all you​ can about SEO and then hope that the​ search engine learns enough about you​ to​ help you​ in​ the​ site rankings.

Perhaps the​ best way to​ describe SEO is​ a​ bold attempt to​ help search engines learn everything they can about you.

It’s a​ bit like telling someone you​ have a​ 1972 Chevy Camaro for sale versus putting together a​ comprehensive portfolio of​ pictures,​ descriptions and graphs to​ help the​ potential buyer see the​ value in​ the​ car.

For years businesses have understood the​ primary reasons for presentation. Sometimes it​ is​ the​ presentation that is​ enough to​ push a​ potential customer toward a​ sale. the​ Internet is​ the​ cyber extension of​ that thought process.

A flashy web design might make an​ impression on​ a​ customer,​ but you​ have to​ get them to​ your site before they can be impressed. So the​ logical first step is​ to​ impress the​ search engines in​ order for customers to​ have an​ easier time finding you.

The search engines are constantly being refined to​ allow them to​ entrust great site rankings to​ great sites while punishing those who work with unethical SEO practices. Strive to​ show search engines you​ have developed a​ website that really does have a​ lot to​ offer through your adoption of​ consistent,​ and honorable SEO practices.

Interestingly SEO strategies mean little to​ your online customer,​ they just learn that when they go to​ your site it​ is​ nicely arranged,​ content rich and a​ great online experience.

The good news is​ your clients do not have to​ know the​ details of​ why you​ use SEO practices to​ benefit from the​ use of​ these online strategies.

Continue to​ work at​ helping search engines understand your business website. Ultimately you​ are helping present and future customers when you​ pay attention to​ the​ very things your customer could care less about.

In this case,​ what they don’t know could ultimately help them – and you.

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