SEO What Is Link Spamming

SEO What Is Link Spamming

Link spamming is​ a​ form of​ black hat SEO that tries to​ exploit weaknesses in​ link-based ranking algorithms such as​ the​ one used by Google’s PageRank algorithm. PageRank give a​ higher ranking to​ a​ website that is​ linked to​ many other websites so the​ idea is​ to​ add as​ many links as​ possible to​ a​ page to​ try and boost your page rankings.

There are several forms of​ link spamming. an​ easy one is​ called link farming which involves creating communities of​ pages that refer to​ each other in​ order to​ bulk up a​ link index.

Another tactic is​ called the​ “Sybil attack” where you​ put up links to​ unrelated but popular sites where visitors will not see them. This is​ the​ forging of​ multiple identities for malicious intent,​ named after the​ famous woman with the​ multiple personality disorder. a​ spammer may create multiple web sites at​ different domain names that all link to​ each other,​ such as​ fake blogs known as​ spam blogs. Another type is​ called Wiki spam,​ which uses the​ open editing platform of​ wiki systems to​ place links on​ a​ page.

Yet another popular technique is​ Splogging also known as​ spam blogging. This is​ the​ placing of​ links randomly on​ other sites in​ blogs,​ forums,​ guest books and forums.

Page hijacking is​ so common it​ is​ ridiculous. Web hosts do it​ when you​ forget to​ renew your domain name. Page hijacking is​ achieved by creating a​ rogue copy of​ a​ popular website which shows contents similar to​ the​ original to​ a​ web crawler,​ but redirects web surfers to​ unrelated or​ malicious websites. Some link spammers monitor DNS records for domains that will expire soon,​ and then buy them when they expire and replace the​ pages with links to​ their pages.

Link Spamming is​ classified as​ a​ high risk way to​ do effective SEO,​ you​ risk having your domain banned by Google if​ you​ do.

SEO What Is Link Spamming

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