SEO Web Design How To Use SEO Book Information

SEO Web Design How To Use SEO Book Information

SEO web design is​ essential for high search engine listings,​ and the​ right choice of​ SEO book can be use to​ achieve that. There are many SEO books on​ offer online,​ but most seem too much alike and appear to​ provide the​ same information. the​ best type of​ SEO book is​ one that provides graphic examples of​ how successful sites have become successful through effective SEO web design.

Search engine optimization is​ a​ subject about which very few have a​ true understanding. it​ starts with your website,​ and the​ way that you​ arrange your pages into the​ site as​ a​ whole. to​ most people,​ SEO is​ the​ use of​ keywords on​ your site,​ and I still read webpages and blog postings that promote as​ many keywords in​ a​ web page as​ possible. if​ it’s not the​ more the​ merrier,​ then it’s the​ 1% - 3% keyword density fallacy. Follow that and your site will disappear off the​ listings!

There is​ too much written online about SEO that too many people take as​ gospel. Let’s dispel a​ few myths and bring some reality into the​ whole subject of​ search engine optimization. Take a​ look at​ the​ term for starters. Search Engine Optimization. What does it​ mean? Optimize your website for search engines? Why? Surely you​ should optimize your website to​ provide the​ best possible information to​ anybody who visits it!

And that is​ what search engines such as​ Google are now insisting on. it​ is​ no longer easy to​ get high search engine listings without good relevant content. Now,​ 1% - 3% keyword density is​ keyword stuffing. in​ a​ 700 word article,​ 7 – 21 keywords are excessive. Google and the​ other major search engines look at​ text relevant to​ the​ keyword,​ rather than repetitions of​ the​ keyword,​ as​ being good content. Too may repetitions will be punished.

That being so,​ it​ also difficult to​ design web page for a​ high listing. That is​ because there are so many web pages with good content: keep in​ mind that it​ is​ individual web pages that are listed and not complete websites. There must be other aspects of​ modern SEO that are relevant to​ high listings,​ but what are they? Well may you​ ask. That is​ what many SEO experts that offer their services at​ high prices online would also like to​ know.

There are,​ in​ fact,​ certain aspects of​ your website design that are totally relevant to​ your listing position,​ and they have nothing whatsoever to​ do with the​ content on​ each of​ your pages. This where the​ right book information can help you​ – if​ you​ buy the​ right book. This type of​ information is​ so valuable that nobody is​ going to​ give it​ all away free. Many sites provide a​ lot of​ free SEO information that could help you​ to​ improve your search engine listing,​ but only if​ you​ are also aware of​ the​ other factors that could destroy it.

I have read a​ lot about Google PageRank,​ and how you​ cannot get your web pages listed without a​ good page rank. Nonsense. I have web pages listed in​ the​ 10 on​ Google that have no Google page rank,​ at​ least according to​ the​ Google PageRank indicator on​ the​ Google Toolbar. Page rank is​ not necessary,​ but it​ helps. However,​ if​ you​ apply other,​ more important,​ aspects of​ search engine optimization to​ your web pages then PageRank become relatively unimportant.

On the​ other hand,​ if​ you​ do not apply these SEO techniques,​ PageRank becomes paramount. it​ is​ common sense. Google does not put more emphasis on​ one aspect of​ optimization than another,​ and while external links are important,​ they are not critical,​ no matter what you​ read. Google states that they give a​ great deal of​ emphasis to​ incoming links from other relevant web pages,​ yet pages can be listed highly without them against stiff opposition.

How is​ that? it​ is​ due to​ good onsite optimization,​ and a​ great deal of​ thought put into the​ design of​ a​ total website,​ rather than web pages individually,​ and the​ way that onsite links are designed. SEO design is​ not a​ matter of​ believing what theory SEO book information tells you,​ but of​ personal experience,​ unless you​ are reading the​ right SEO book.

So get rid of​ preconceptions and don’t believe all that you​ read. it​ is​ easy to​ get listed on​ Google in​ less than 2 days if​ you​ know how to​ do it,​ and also to​ get listed in​ the​ top 10 in​ two weeks if​ you​ go about it​ the​ right way.

Stop bleating and get your head down. Study the​ subject and don’t complain if​ you​ fail. Others don’t so find out what they do and you​ do the​ same: if​ they let you!

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