SEO Web Design For Text

SEO Web Design For Text

It is​ well known that the​ best way to​ search engine optimize a​ website in​ terms of​ its design is​ to​ keep it​ as​ free as​ of​ many bells and whistles as​ possible (including images,​ banners and graphics.) However once you​ have some excellent copy to​ put on​ the​ front pages of​ your site your job does not stop there. you​ should make sure your web design is​ going to​ nicely support that text as​ well.

First of​ all make sure that there is​ no Flash,​ image map bytes,​ java script or​ any other kind of​ multimedia on​ that page. the​ search engine spiders will read that as​ blank space. Second of​ all make sure that you​ include text for your image ALT tags as​ well as​ for all of​ your anchor tags.

Thirdly,​ you​ need to​ consider how your HTML code will be prioritized and arranged on​ the​ page. it​ is​ also absolutely essential that your HTML code is​ clean as​ well. it​ does not matter if​ the​ web page looks right. it​ is​ what is​ beneath it​ that matters most to​ the​ search engine spiders (the sloppy HTML scraps and ends of​ mistakes that you​ don’t see.) if​ this is​ sloppy enough your website could end up being ignored or​ repressed for a​ long time before it​ actually becomes part of​ any page ranking.

You should also never underestimate the​ impact of​ your site’s functionality and architecture on​ the​ search engines. an​ assessment of​ this is​ definitely known to​ be a​ part of​ many of​ the​ algorithms that govern page rank popularity on​ the​ major search engines like Google. if​ a​ search engine does not think your site is​ well put together it​ can simply ignore it. This means that nobody will ever see the​ clever search engine copy that you​ were trying to​ get the​ site’s search engine optimized architecture to​ support in​ the​ first place. That,​ of​ course,​ would be a​ waste of​ time.

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