SEO Wearing The White Hat Part 2

SEO Wearing The White Hat Part 2

In our last article we discussed some of​ the​ parallels between “White Hat” and “Black Hat” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approaches. With this article I want to​ provide my top ten list of​ “White Hat” SEO strategies.

10) Forum Contribution – This strategy allows you​ to​ place knowledgeable comments on​ forums that are applicable to​ your online business. you​ place a​ link to​ your site in​ the​ signature for positive back linking.

9) Business Blog – you​ can use a​ blog to​ enable your customers to​ view you​ as​ more personable,​ but the​ marketing aspect and back links are a​ positive “White Hat” strategy.

8) RSS Feed – This strategy can be used in​ list building and in​ syndicating your web content and blog posts to​ interested individuals. This allows visitors to​ know every time you​ have new content to​ share.

7) Site map – By creating a​ site map useful to​ Google and Yahoo you​ will find they have a​ much easier time mapping and applying appropriate rankings. you​ are simply helping to​ speed up improved site rankings.

6) Link Requests – Don’t be bashful about sending out link requests to​ business acquaintances. These might be reciprocal links,​ but they don’t have to​ be. Back links to​ your site have a​ significant impact on​ improved site rankings.

5) Request Site Reviews – Visit an​ applicable business forum and request visitors review your site and provide honest feedback. Learn what you​ can from the​ feedback and make changes,​ but also realize you​ have increased site traffic and left your site link for others to​ follow.

4) Directory Submission – Submit your site information to​ general directories. However,​ when it​ comes to​ more specific directories make sure to​ send your information only to​ directories related to​ your business.

3) Update Your Site – Do not allow your site to​ remains static. Search engines like new information. if​ your site always stays the​ same it​ will not give either your visitors or​ the​ search engines a​ reason to​ spend much time with your site.

2) Original Content – When possible supply as​ much original content as​ possible for your site. This is​ gold to​ search engines. They place a​ high premium on​ knowledge-based,​ keyword enriched articles. However,​ this is​ not a​ once and for all proposition. Routinely replace content so your visitor and search engines have something new to​ read.

1) Article Submission – the​ nature of​ free article submission sites can allow you​ to​ take new or​ retired content and make it​ available for other sites to​ use. This strategy is​ especially useful in​ helping other sites while improving your ability to​ gain highly strategic backlinks due to​ the​ mandatory link provision in​ free article use.

Hopefully this helps you​ understand a​ bit better some of​ the​ things you​ can do legitimately to​ improve your site rankings and market your website to​ your best ethical advantage using “White Hat” SEO principles.

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