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Key words and key phrases are the​ site words which/that are matched with the​ search words or​ phrases of​ end audience using search engines are known as​ keywords and key phrases. It’s used to​ promote and market a​ web site by improving search engine rankings. in​ SEO Services Delhi Company (e-fuzion) key words and key phrases used for off page optimization. the​ key words and key phrases are used as​ the​ anchor text to​ link to​ the​ site. Search engines specially Google attach lot of​ importance to​ the​ anchor text hence if​ there is​ a​ key word in​ it,​ the​ site gets promoted for that key word. the​ key words and key phases are also used in​ SEO Services Delhi (e-fuzion) to​ advertise,​ promote and market site with PPC and PPI. These are also used to​ create key word rich pages- where a​ specific key word and key phrase is​ repeated to​ get top ranking for that particular web page for a​ particular keyword. the​ strategy is​ to​ target one keyword or​ at​ maximum two,​ per page. Once these KRPs are produced it​ is​ easier to​ get these pages ranked with search engines. These pages then have links to​ other pages in​ the​ site and hence serve as​ the​ passage way for inviting in​ occurrence to​ investigate the​ site deeply. These key words rich with optimized pages are called Doorway Pages. So let’s start to​ introduce the​ keywords where they belong. Keywords in​ a​ title are generally up to​ sixty characters or​ less including spaces. Google cuts of​ title text after sixty characters when it​ is​ displayed in​ the​ SERPs. in​ SEO Services Delhi (e-fuzion) you​ find the​ Meta tags are also used which describe information about the​ web page. in​ other words they provide data about data (web page content).

The search engine doesn’t mind and opens up for new key word combinations. Search engine optimization technique includes no less than eight key words or​ key phrases,​ counting search engine optimization technique.
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