SEO Using The Google Alert Tool

SEO Using The Google Alert Tool

The Google Alert Tool is​ actually a​ gadget that can be used for the​ purposes of​ search engine optimization (SEO). This tool allows you​ to​ fill in​ perimeters on​ a​ form so you​ can keep your eye on​ new entries that make it​ into the​ top 50 on​ Google. you​ enter up to​ one of​ 5 keywords to​ a​ total of​ 150 query requests and Google will email you​ every time a​ new entry enters the​ top 50 results. you​ can also narrow the​ number down to​ the​ top thirty or​ ten hits on​ a​ keyword or​ the​ top one hundred. Putting the​ perimeters at​ 30 is​ not a​ bad idea as​ being in​ the​ top thirty page rankings on​ Google is​ what is​ thought to​ make you​ money.

Why is​ it​ so important for you​ to​ know what the​ top sites are? it​ is​ because these are the​ sites that are going to​ let you​ know who the​ top players are when it​ comes to​ your competition. And rather than treat them as​ competition you​ are going to​ try to​ make this site your partner by trading links with them. if​ you​ are really lucky,​ the​ site is​ brand new and you​ are the​ first one asking for a​ link exchange. Chances are that anyone who has a​ site in​ the​ top 50 is​ probably a​ good partner for your site and knows what he or​ she is​ doing. There is​ also a​ chance that the​ person may not know that his or​ her site is​ in​ the​ top thirty or​ fifty and you​ can be the​ one that brings them this good news.

Once you​ trade links with a​ site that is​ ranking this high your own site’s ranking in​ the​ search engine pages should also be given a​ very healthy boost especially if​ the​ service or​ product or​ information being sold is​ new.

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