SEO Using The Behind The Fold Technique As Seo

SEO Using The Behind The Fold Technique As Seo

Behind the​ Fold is​ a​ technique used by many of​ the​ top bloggers and huge ezine and article directory sites. if​ you​ have looked at​ some of​ the​ Top 100 Blogs on​ the​ blog you​ will notice that many of​ them will only print about 250 words of​ the​ blog in​ the​ front page of​ the​ blog space and then link it​ to​ another page on​ the​ blog that prints the​ full article. This can allow you​ to​ fit as​ many as​ twenty stories on​ your front page. This is​ called printing stories “behind the​ fold” in​ the​ newspaper business. it​ is​ the​ same as​ saying,​ “story continued on​ page 38.)

Printing blogs that are behind the​ fold are highly recommended simply because if​ you​ print the​ full article and it​ is​ longer then it​ will take ages for your reader to​ scroll down to​ look for the​ article they want. it​ just gives your page a​ neater,​ more user friendly appearance and one of​ the​ rules of​ marketing is​ to​ be as​ user friendly as​ possible!

Keeping this in​ mind,​ make sure that whatever blog software or​ blogging host that you​ do use offers you​ the​ option of​ putting your articles “behind the​ fold” so you​ can just print the​ first paragraph or​ so on​ your front page.

This is​ also a​ good idea because it​ allows you​ to​ keep twenty to​ thirty titles visible on​ the​ first page of​ your blog. This gives it​ more clickability value in​ terms of​ having more topics of​ interest available for your clients to​ peruse. Having only one to​ three stories available to​ see on​ one page is​ not a​ good idea as​ it​ limits your reader’s selection of​ material to​ choose from and also in​ a​ way limits their opinion of​ what you​ have to​ offer as​ not many people bother going through a​ blog menu to​ look at​ your older submissions.

SEO Using The Behind The Fold Technique As Seo

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