SEO Use Dmoz For Excellent Results

There have been many discussions about how registering with DMOZ affects your sites ranking. However,​ the​ majority of​ Search Engine Optimisers (SEO) will agree that registering with the​ DMOZ directory will help your site significantly improve in​ the​ search engine results. It’s not always going to​ make the​ biggest difference to​ your site but on​ the​ whole it​ should help your site jump up quite a​ few places. Even if​ it​ does nothing for your site,​ it​ is​ still a​ link back to​ your site.

There are two common ways to​ get your site listed in​ the​ DMOZ directory. the​ first is​ to​ try and find your relative category; this is​ by far the​ hardest way to​ go about registering your site with DMOZ. Speaking from experience,​ I would not suggest this way as​ people almost always get their DMOZ entry in​ the​ wrong category. This will delay your insertion into DMOZ by months and months.

The second way in​ which you​ can apply to​ get your site listed in​ DMOZ is​ by going through your regions until you​ find your specific town or​ city. I would certainly suggest going about registering your site with DMOZ in​ this manner.

When registering your site with DMOZ,​ you​ will be asked to​ fill out a​ little bit of​ information about your website. Make it​ matter of​ fact as​ if​ it​ was another person describing what your site offers. Avoid words that promote your site,​ like best,​ leader,​ brilliant etc. DMOZ does not want sales pitches in​ their descriptions they simply want to​ know what your website has to​ offer. Since I am an​ editor as​ DMOZ,​ I can confirm that having to​ rewrite website descriptions does not motivate me to​ registering a​ particular site. I usually do all the​ websites that don’t need much work and then get around to​ registering the​ ones that do.

As of​ writing this article DMOZ has been out of​ action for almost two months,​ this has stopped any new websites being registered. it​ is​ assumed that DMOZ will be back online and accepting new website submissions by the​ beginning of​ 2018.

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