SEO Trade Secrets 8 Great Tools For Search Engine Optimization

SEO Trade Secrets 8 Great Tools For Search Engine Optimization

About 80% of​ website traffic comes through search engines. And research shows,​ if​ you’re not on​ the​ first 2 pages,​ most people won’t find you.

This article isn’t about how to​ achieve a​ high ranking. That topic has been done to​ death over the​ past few months. We all know the​ basics now… Submit your site to​ the​ major search engines,​ scatter a​ generous helping of​ the​ right keyword phrases throughout your site in​ real sentences,​ then get a​ lot of​ other relevant sites link to​ your site. That’s it.

This article is​ about what tools to​ use to​ make your job easier.

1) Choosing Keyword Phrases (costs approx USD$7.50 per day)

To decide what keyword phrases to​ use,​ subscribe to​ for a​ day and do some analysis. Simply enter a​ keyword and WordTracker tells you​ how often people have searched for that keyword in​ the​ last month or​ two,​ how many competitor sites are using that keyword,​ and how many searches it​ expects in​ the​ next 24hrs.

2) Measuring Keyword Density (FREE)

To measure the​ density of​ the​ keyword phrases on​ your page,​ go to​ and type in​ the​ domain and keyword phrase you​ want to​ analyse. It’ll give you​ a​ percentage for all the​ important parts of​ your page,​ including copy,​ title,​ meta keywords,​ meta description,​ etc. the​ higher the​ density the​ better.

3) Check How Search-Engine-Friendly Your Site is​ (FREE)

Search engines send out spiders (or robots) to​ investigate your site. These tools allow you​ to​ see your site from the​ spider’s point of​ view.
- - enter your URL and a​ keyword phrase and it​ gives you​ a​ great summary of​ the​ things you​ could improve.
- - enter your URL and it​ gives you​ a​ summary of​ the​ things you​ could improve.
- - Poodle tells you​ how many links the​ spider will see and investigate.

4) Check How Many of​ Your Pages are Indexed (FREE)

Go to​ just about any search engine and type “”. the​ search engine will then tell you​ how many of​ your pages it​ has indexed.

5) Monitor Your Position in​ Google (FREE)

No need to​ waste time clicking through hundreds of​ Google search results looking for your site. This tool allows you​ to​ enter a​ keyword and a​ domain name,​ and it​ searches Google to​ see where your domain is​ positioned. Go to​ to​ download the​ setup file. Then just install.

6) See How Important Sites Are (FREE)

The Google Toolbar is​ an​ indispensable tool. One of​ the​ things it​ can tell you​ is​ the​ “importance” of​ every site you​ visit (in Google’s eyes at​ least). You’ve probably heard a​ bit about PageRank or​ PR. PR is​ Google’s measure of​ the​ importance of​ a​ site. Basically,​ the​ higher your PR,​ the​ higher your ranking. This tool gives you​ a​ snapshot of​ the​ PR of​ every site you​ visit. Go to​ TIP: It’s good to​ get links from other sites with high PR – especially if​ they contain the​ same keywords as​ your site. WARNING: Apparently the​ Google Toolbar monitors your
internet usage. as​ yet,​ it’s unclear what it​ uses this information for.

7) Monitor What Sites are Linking to​ Yours (FREE)

Google News Alerts ( and Google Web Alerts ( will tell you​ who’s linking to​ your site. Simply set up an​ alert to​ be notified when Google finds

8) Getting Help (FREE)

If you’re new to​ SEO,​ the​ first thing you​ should do is​ check out Google’s guide to​ SEO at​ if​ you​ already know the​ basics,​ there are a​ number of​ forums you​ can subscribe to​ to​ post questions. These forums are free,​ and they’re frequented by countless SEO experts. And when I say “experts”,​ I mean EXPERTS! Some of​ these people do SEO all day,​ every day. And like many technical experts,​ they’re only too happy to​ help – for free. the​ best forum seems to​ be,​ but is​ ok too. if​ all else fails,​ you​ can try sending Google an​ email. Go to​,​ but don’t hold out much hope of​ help here. They’ll eventually answer,​ but there’s no guarantee on​ the​ quality of​ their response…

This is​ just a​ snapshot of​ the​ tools available out there,​ but these will certainly get you​ started.

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SEO Trade Secrets 8 Great Tools For Search Engine Optimization

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