SEO Tracking Words provides both a​ free and fee-based service to​ help you​ in​ finding keywords or​ phrases that will assist you​ in​ developing word lists for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

Obviously the​ fee-based software provides several upgraded features that can be a​ real benefit to​ business,​ but the​ use of​ the​ free keyword search can help you​ see what might work best for your online company.

WordTracker indicates,​ “The best keywords are those words and phrases commonly typed in​ by your potential customers,​ but which aren't used much on​ your competitors websites.”

Did you​ catch that. the​ best keywords are not necessarily the​ words that you​ would most likely think of​ using when evaluating your business. it​ is​ looking for words that poteital customers use to​ find what you​ sell,​ but are not being used by your competition.

In essence when you​ use these words you​ can begin to​ develop an​ improved site ranking because you​ used these words. you​ don’t have to​ guess which words are best to​ use,​ you​ simply find those keywords that fit – and are not currently in​ use – by other similar online companies.

The cautionary tale in​ this scenario is​ that you​ should make sure you​ don’t use such obscure words that only a​ handful of​ potential customers find your site. you​ should also seek a​ balance between what is​ used and what probably shouldn’t be.

Sometimes your choice can be as​ simple as​ a​ keyphrase that is​ widely used for a​ search of​ your product,​ but is​ a​ slight expansion on​ the​ most popular keywords or​ phrases.

For example if​ you​ sold computers and the​ most popular key phrase is​ ‘new computers’,​ but the​ phrase ‘new hi-speed compter’ is​ not used as​ much it​ might make sense to​ use that as​ a​ key phrase for your company. on​ the​ other hand if​ there is​ a​ key phrase of​ ‘new hi-speed USB capable computer’ you​ might want to​ avoid it​ simply because the​ chances are this phrase is​ no only cumbersome,​ but is​ less likely to​ be called upon in​ most consumer searches.

SEO is​ a​ difficult proposition in​ the​ best of​ circumstances,​ but the​ use of​ various online tools and software can help you​ come to​ terms with what may be the​ best means of​ positioning your site to​ attract the​ most attention from potential customers.

The end result of​ your time investment may be an​ improved bottom line.

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