SEO Top Ten Ways To Optimize Your Site

SEO Top Ten Ways To Optimize Your Site

If you​ are trying to​ search engine optimize (SEO) your site you​ are facing a​ lot of​ competition. Here is​ a​ breakdown of​ the​ top ten search engine optimization strategies to​ help get your site boosted in​ the​ page rankings of​ the​ major search engines. However keep in​ mind that s some of​ these strategies may not apply to​ every web site.

1. Write a​ free ebook and ask web site owners selling a​ similar product if​ they would like to​ give it​ away for free on​ your site. of​ course the​ ebook will also contain your affiliate links.

2. Write a​ review of​ another site’s products or​ services and publish it​ on​ your website. This may encourage him or​ her to​ link to​ you,​ which boosts your rankings and increases traffic.

3. Submit articles to​ the​ website that you​ are hoping to​ exchange links with to​ boost business.

4. if​ the​ website has a​ forum or​ blog make sure you​ respond with comments and leave your link so people can visit your site.

5. Ask the​ webmaster about trading advertising or​ putting a​ free ad on​ your page in​ exchange for a​ link if​ they are a​ site with way more traffic than you.

6. Give the​ web site a​ testimonial for their product or​ service. Include a​ text link for your web site within the​ testimonial and ask if​ they want to​ include it​ their ad copy.

7. if​ the​ site has a​ free for all links page,​ post your text link on​ it. you​ may want to​ go back and post your link regularly so it​ stays towards the​ top.

8. Make sure you​ sign their guest book and leave a​ complimentary comment in​ their guest book along with your URL.

9. Answer a​ question for the​ site owner on​ his or​ her blog followed by your URL link.

10. Propose a​ cross promotion deal with the​ webmasters and mistresses of​ sites you​ like. you​ could promote each other’s products or​ services in​ a​ package deal.

SEO Top Ten Ways To Optimize Your Site

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